Today we look beyond the initial fitness tracker, smartwatch, and smart tech jewelry phases of the wearables technology rollout to consumers worldwide. We wanted to delve deep into the next phase approaching, rolling out now with increasing vigor, involving all manner of technology infused clothing and attire.

These smart tech wearables seamlessly monitor and connect you to the personal information integral to the work, play, leisure, and most importantly, the health and wellness aspects of your life.

In that spirit, we offer a holiday gift idea guide to some of the smartest workout warrior tech clothing and attire on the leading edge of the wearables tech space. If you can’t muster up the willpower to bypass buying these lil’ numbers for yourself, at least your family and friends will benefit from your savvy spirit in holiday gifting to them the next generation of tech for their gym and outdoor training exploits in physical self-actualization.

1.0 Running Biomechanics Monitoring Socks

  • Sensoria Fitness Socks and Anklet by Sensoria Fitness (MSRP USD$199):

We’re starting this workout warrior tech attire gift guide with the body part many people usually cover up either first or last, depending on your pre-workout routine – foot coverage, man, el sockerooni, los calcetines, wàzi (袜子), chaussettes, noski (носки), or kutsushita (靴下), if you prefer . . . socks baby, smart socks to be more precise.

And here we go once again with Sensoria Fitness, folks, a leading edge wearables tech innovator par excellence, from the tech hotspot of Redmond, Washington, weighing in with USD5.6 million in three rounds of angel funding and startup venture capital and three founders with tremendous passion for wearables clothing innovation and top shelf engineering expertise, design smarts, and market savvy.

The Sensoria Fitness Socks and Anklet offer real-time run coaching by way of pressure sensors embedded in the textile forming the socks. Along with an accelerometer and Bluetooth comms integrated into the lightweight smart Anklet attachments that magnetically snap to the cuff of each sock.

Sensoria fitness socks auto-detect your foot landing, ground contact time, cadence, pace, speed, distance, altitude gains, and GPS track, among other factors.

Smart Workout Clothing: Fitness Holiday Gift Season

These parameters are fed real-time to the Sensoria fitness app on your smartphone iPhone (iOS 8+), Android (OS 4.3+) to give you audio cues about your running metrics.

Together, this combo of early 21st century socktological precision enables you to get rather instant feedback on when your running cadence is off or when your foot landings are trending improperly. This level of foot and sock expertise is combined with the ability to assess how your performance is altered by using the Sensoria Fitness Socks and Anklet with a library of 7,000 shoe models in Sensoria’s virtual shoe closet.

What does this mean to you?  Well, you’ll get powerful big data analytics driven performance optimization recommendations on which shoe model to use for optimal individualized running biomechanics and overall bio-performance. For those that want even more performance data, add the Sensoria HRM (heart rate monitor) embedded in one of several models of the wearables tech shirts and sports bras offered by Sensoria.

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2.0 Smart Insoles for Tracking Steps & Running Performance

Insoles for shoes are designed for greater comfort and relief from exercise regimen induced foot and leg pains. Hereto wearables tech come to the rescue.

There are several different mass market brands of smart tech insoles on the market or in development. To power pack this gift guide, we’ll make it easy by giving you a bullet point list of their main highlights.

We will launch a brief profile of what may be the premier smart insole for those of you diligently tracking how you walk, jog, or truly pound the pavement, grass, or IAAF certified polyurethane synthetic track surface.

Lechal Smart (GPS) Navigation and Fitness Tracking Insoles and Buckles (MSRP USD$179.95):

  • Trim to fit smart insoles that turn your regular pair of walking, jogging, or running shoes into Bluetooth connected, iOS or Android compatible, performance monitoring shoes that track steps, distance travelled, and calories burned; syncable with Apple Health or Google fitness app for in-depth analytics;
  • Set a destination in the Lechal app and hands-free route-guidance navigates you here by way of haptic vibration patterns;
  • Battery life of up to 15 days on a single charge.

Retisense Stridalyzer Smart Insoles (MSRP USD$139 for PERORMANCE model or MSRP USD$89 for MARATHON model):

  • For joggers and advanced athletes;
  • Helps improve running form for injury-free, better performance;
  • Socks with Stridalyzer Pod that can fit in certain shoes to give foot biomechanics stress maps and alerts while running.

3.0 Workout Warrior Smart Shoes

Now if you’re not down with smart insoles that reside in the netherworld region of your underfoot, then perhaps just good ol’ fashioned smart shoes will do the trick as a holiday gift for your family and friends.

Who could believe that it has taken half a century beyond Maxwell Smart’s foreshadowing of the wirelessly connected secret agent smart shoe to get us to this point in the wearables tech marketplace, sans shoe-phone capabilities, of course?

Smart Workout Clothing

Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record (MSRP USD$149):

The main aim and advantage of the UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 is to accurately measure your running metrics in real-time without the burden of running with your smartphone weighing you down.

The “record everything” wearable tech magic happens in a dime-sized chip, with built-in accelerometers, that is innocuously and comfortably embedded in the midsole of the shoe.

This lil’ silicon gizmo wakes up from its default battery-saving sleep mode every time your shoes move faster than 11 miles per hour. This activates the chip to track activity and save your time, steps, cadence, duration, distance, splits running metrics inside the chip itself.Smart Tech Workout Clothing

Since it does not have a GPS sensor on the chip, it uses chip-embedded advanced algorithms to extrapolate your running distances covered based on tailored calculations of your stride, whether you’re outdoors or on the treadmill.

So one way to think about this revolutionary approach is that it enables “untethered running” without the need to carry your smartphone or smart device while running.

As you run, the chip records everything and then after your run, you upload the chip’s data to your smartphone so you can sync it up with the MapMyRun app to get all the analytical and graphic smart stuff you need and want.

UA asserts the running metrics are nearly as accurate as those captured with a real-time GPS chip, as in the GPS smartwatches or GPS fitness trackers for running, for instance. The chip stores 5 runs before your running metrics data is overwritten on the chip.

Alternatively, the system allows you to take your GPS enabled smartphone with you on your run in order to capture live satellite generated GPS data married to the chip’s monitoring data.

Additionally, this novel smart shoe will actually inform you when it’s on its last rubber.

As Under Armour’s Vice President of Running Footwear, Fritz Taylor says, “A shoe should be able to tell me how many miles it has on it.” This shoe can do just that, via the app. UA suggests a 400-mile limit on the shoe’s tread wear before you buy another UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record to track your next 400 miles of runs.

4.0 Wearable Tech Workout Shirts & Sports Bras

Sensoria Fitness T-Shirt with Heart Rate Monitor by Sensoria Fitness (MSRP USD$149):

Smart Wearable Tech Workout Clothing Holiday Gift IdeasThis sleek, form-fitting wearables tech fitness shirt incorporates Bluetooth and Ant+ wireless technologies in an Iron Man style. The Sensoria HRM module is attached to the exterior of the shirt in the center-chest  area to give you heart rate monitoring (HRM) and heart rate variability data.

The Sensoria Fitness T-Shirt With HRM let’s you tailor your workout goals and performances with real-time coaching via the Sensoria Fitness mobile app (and some 3rd party apps) without the bother of a heart rate monitor strap.

The Sensoria Web Dashboard gives you great analytics to help you smartly analyze each running session and compare your running and workout performances.

When connectivity paired with the Sensoria Fitness Socks and Anklet (mentioned above), the Sensoria real-time coach provides extra information on your pace, speed, distance, foot landing, cadence, and calories burned.

Additionally, the Sensoria Virtual Coach monitors your entire run or workout and gives you smart audio and video feedback regarding speeding up or slowing down to centerline your workout into the sweet spot of your heart rate zone.

A fascinating feature of this bad boy workout warrior shirt is the materials mix.  The Sensoria Fitness T-Shirt is created with a special textile called Emana that is made of 74% polyamide, 18% polyester and 8% elastane.

This temperature intelligent, breathable, sweat wicking fabric helps automatically thermoregulate your body temperature in most climates while it also helps improve your blood circulation. More efficient thermoregulation of your body during workouts can significantly reduce total oxygen consumption, which results in less muscle fatigue, more productive workouts and runs, and faster recovery times.

Lastly, for those of us tired of the smartwatch nightly charging routine, one of the best features of this top shelf workout warrior shirt is the battery, which lasts for 8 months.

Sensoria Fitness Sports Bra + HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) (MSRP USD$119):

Right down to the exact Emana textile materials splits on the polyamide, polyester and elastane fabric, this great looking wearable tech sports bra mimics all the activity tracking capabilities of the Sensoria Fitness T-shirt.

Ralph Lauren POLOTECH Shirt Wearable Biometric Sensing Technology, French Navy (MSRP USD$295, small):

Ralph Lauren’s team developed a PSAL/067 PoloTech Biometrics Sensor Technology Polo shirt for monitoring workouts, complete with the classic polo pony logo.

Silver fibers woven into this Polo Sport workout shirt’s machine washable 70% polyester, 21% nylon, 9% spandex fabric sense the user’s heart rate as well as depth and balance of breathing. This smart tech Polo streams these tracked signals in real-time to the shirt’s detachable, rib hugging and form fitting, Bluetooth enabled, OMsignal processing black box polo tech biometric sensing shirt reviewmodule.

Attached on the shirt’s exterior where the major pectoral muscle meets the abdomen, in the left hypochondrium area, this lil’ curved black box offers a sleek, futuristic look, doesn’t get in the way of any workout maneuvers, and it’s situated just a few centimeters from the adult human male heart. (To ensure proper placement of the biometric sensors, this shirt is for adult males only at this time; and should not be worn near implantable medical devices or defibrillators or by pregnant women.)

This very attractive workout shirt communicates with iOS 8+ devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the Apple Watch. It also counts steps taken, calories burned, but the major benefit is that you can tailor your exercise regimen into “adaptive workouts” on the fly, by using the Polo Tech app.

The fact that it’s an awesome looking piece of wearable tech gear for your torso is simply Polo at its classic design best.


With these smart socks, smart insoles, smart shoes, and smart shirts, someone’s workout warrior IQ is going to benefit bigtime this holiday season.

At a time when there is a large amount of information regarding smartwatches, smart fitness trackers and media notification smart jewelry social, it’s a nice change of pace to focus on the health and wellness of the people in our lives.

Workout warrior smart tech clothing holiday gift ideas can provide the essential workout data tracking and performance monitoring that the other wearable categories do, but without the need to carry and worry about losing the extra tech during your run or workout.

Good job on the smart clothes front, wearables industry!

And the wearables tech clothing marketplace will integrate more sophisticated functionality, ease of use, and slim and daring attractiveness in the years ahead.

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