Who We Are?

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Who We Are?

What we do?

We are an independent and unbiased Wearable Technology News and Information source for consumers.  We do not have venture capitalists or investors that dictate what we need to cover or any financial ties to manufacturers or suppliers.

What does that mean for you?

By maintaining our autonomy from outside sources, we are able to let our viewers determine what products they would like to see in-depth reviews, technology news updates, and trends in the marketplace.  Our content is entirely consumer driven-because our readers are always our #1 priority.

How do we keep the lights on?

We receive a small commission from affiliate programs such as Amazon, Ebay, and Google based on our reader’s activities.  These programs are the sole source of our revenue and allow us to report independently of any outside influences.

We are confident from experience that our affiliate partnerships are the best in the industry. We have selected programs that provide our readers access to real time pricing in the marketplace which can lead to significant savings when purchasing their dream wearable technology devices.

We do not receive compensation from any manufacturers which means that when you are reading a review or news item, you have the confidence to know that the opinions expressed by our editors and technology reviewers is our honest professional opinion.

Where do you get your products?

We either purchase our own products to review for the same prices as our consumers.  For items not yet on the market, we receive samples from manufacturers to trial prior to release dates.  This allows us to perform all the testing and evaluation prior to launch so our early adopter readers can be informed on whether to pre-order the latest and hopefully greatest wearables coming to market.

Generally, we return the samples after the trials to the manufacturer, but occasionally if they are not a high priced item, the manufacturer has no need for a used item.  (Most of our fitness trackers are put through some vigorous workouts to ensure they are up to the task for performance and durability-so we can understand why a sweaty fitness tracker in the mail is not appealing)

Who do we work for?

It is important to remember that we work for you, our readers, and take that responsibility very serious. We are committed to provide the best information possible so that you can make an informed choice in selecting which wearable technology products are right for your lifestyle or family.

Whether you are a die-hard tech enthusiast, early adopter, or just interested in core lifestyle products such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, virtual reality, or some really cool gadgets, we are committed to creating content specifically for you.

Do you want a product reviewed?

We are reader driven, so if you want to see reviews on products that you don’t currently see on our website?  Drop us a line on ideas@iwearthetech.com with your input.  If we aren’t currently testing the product or have the gadget in our pipeline, we can certainly look into your suggestions.  We love to hear from our readers!

Are you a new Wearable Technology company looking for exposure?

Do you have a Kickstarter or funding campaign in the works for your new wearable technology product and want assistance bringing your message to an engaged market of fantastic techies.

We love to support great ideas and new products trying to get funding to market.  Our readers love everything new and techie, so contact us today!

Our technology experts would be happy to consider doing a trial run and review of your product.  Contact kickstarter@iwearthetech.com