A Sense of Adventure, a Harley Davidson, and Route 66 — What More Could You Want, You Ask?

A Sense of Adventure, a Harley Davidson, and Route 66 — What More Could You Want, You Ask?

Well if the Australian based Saint Unbreakable Company has anything to say about it — you would certainly need the latest in Performance Wear Technology integrated into their BALLISTIC MOTORCYCLE DRILLS Pants.

The Saint Ballistic Motorcycle Drills are made from 100% DuPont™ Black Kevlar® with skid resistance of up to 65 feet, which means even if you look tough in them, they will deliver even tougher durability.

How tough are they you may ask?  Well, the Saint Unbreakable Company boasts they are 5 times tougher than steel which has to be appealing to even the most masculine man and extremely sexy for the ladies to be seen on the arm of a man wearing strength, slash, tear, and heat resilient apparel.

Worried about finding your size — Saints Unbreakable offers the Ballistic Motorcycle Drills in waist sizes ranging from 28 to 40.  The pants are advertised as great fitting while longer in the leg for the functionality of motorcycle wear while being machine washable. Saints Unbreakable further claims they will never shrink, which ensures you can know if you are the one getting bigger instead of the pants getting smaller.

The Ballistic Pants can also be paired with the Ballistic Motorcycle Jacket which has the company describes as “like your armour plated skin” and made of a blend of Dupont™ Black Kevlar® and Cordura®.

The only color selection for the jacket and jeans is a shiny satin dark indigo (charcoal).  We would like to see the Ballistic line offered for women and in a few more color options to hit the road in true style, but that is a personal choice.  The lining of the jacket is white Cordura® lining.

One great safety feature of the jacket is it has reflective triangles on the back light up at night.

Most people are familiar with Kevlar® for the ballistic and anti-stabbing properties essential to both military personnel and law enforcement, but it is the innovative wearable technology applications now being released by companies such as Saints Unbreakable that are great to see entering the marketplace.

Most people might not be as acquainted with Cordura®.  The Company really says it best in describing their product:

“Constructed using high tenacity fiber technologies, weight for weight, CORDURA® fabrics are exceptionally durable. Fact is, no matter the application, our fabrics are ‘best-in-class.’ But more importantly, they have to pass our own stringent test criteria before they can earn the CORDURA® brand name. They’re available in a wide range of weights – from ultra-lightweight to heavy weight. And CORDURA® fabrics come in many different constructions and textures. All in all, they’re the fabrics that make strong, long-lasting products even tougher in several categories – from outdoor gear and workwear to luggage, military and upholstery.”

We expect to see some great future products utilizing CORDURA® in wearable tech fashion such as the Saints Unbreakable Ballistic Pants.   We applaud and recognize CORDURA® as a forward thinking brand of incredible wearable technology.  They have shown their commitment to future innovation by teaming up with the Project 20/20 Design Awards in providing a platform for leading fashion and textile design students.

So for all you weekend motorcycle enthusiasts or full time Easy Riders: We here at www.IWeartheTech.com will have to give these pants a spin and let you know how they hold up on the open road.  So keep your ear to the ground, firm grip on the handlebars and keep a lookout ahead in our section of Intelligent Performance Reviews for the latest in Apparel Technology Tech News.

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