Caveman Golf. If cavemen turned their clubs into plowshares by inventing golf 50,000 years ago, do you really believe your Dad still would have unimpressively excessive and sad, Charles Barkley type booty waggle on address, the backswing of a high speed Fanuc M-430iA meat handling robot, a World War II era Big Bertha howitzer slice with his driver, occasional putting stroke dementia – either deliberate or just not always on purpose – an unyielding 29 handicap detailed every outing with gruesome and obviously angry handwriting on his scorecard, and the inability to recall exactly how many Arnold Palmer teas he’s had for proper hydration during his latest foursome buddy round?
Clearly, we must all acknowledge that 500+ years of recent evolution in golf technology since the Treaty of Glasgow in 1502 cannot possibly make up for a 49,500+ year gap in mankind’s technology of clubs, both ancient handheld ironwood ones that clobbered bears and those with back nine snack shacks that offer their own version of Augusta National’s classic Pimento Cheese Sandwich.
Fear not, my friends – for the age of smart golf tech wearables has made up for much of that lost ground on the front nine of the sporting development of the human species. To honor our long distant cave brothers and sisters who did without smart golf tech wearables for generation upon miserable generation of confronting lions, tigers, and bears, oh my, . . . all the while using pitifully crooked sticks to hit small, river-worn round and white pebbles at wild boars in ridiculously feeble attempts just to score a measly ham sandwich, www.iwearthetech.com honors all dads today, tens of millions of them across our fairway lush planet, by presenting the world’s most audacious ‘wearable golf tech supremacy’ gift idea for the dad in your life.
The Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch and the Garmin TruSwing Swing Sensor. Garmin has developed a smart golf tech wearables pairing that offers you the chance to become the gift apple of your dad’s eyes.

Approach S6. The Garmin Approach S6 isdownload-3 a is a 5 ATM waterproof golf watch that embeds precise distances for more than 40,000 golf courses around the world right on the watch, complete with course-view layouts and distances of all the holes and green configurations at your dad’s favorite home or travel courses. The PinPointer blind shot assistance feature will tell your dad where the pin is on almost any course on the planet, even if your dad can’t see it – the pin, not the planet. The S6 displays yardage distances to the front, back and middle of greens located almost anywhere in the world, and if the groundskeeper went and covertly changed the pin location on dad, no worries, the S6 offers easy peasy manual pin positioning input right on the watch.

The S6 features a palmful of very useful swing metrics to improve your dad’s game at home, on the range, and at the course. Features such as SwingTempo, SwingStrength, TempoTraining will help your dad assess the relationships between his upswing and his downswing. True that, your dad probably does not yet know that a 1 to 3 backswing to downswing ratio is considered scientifically optimal biomechanics for the human golf swing.  The Approach S6 will inform him of this existentially important ratio of golf life.

The S6 has a host of handicap scoring options for individual players, individual holes, and supports the widely used index/slope method of handicapping. You can save, review, share, and print scorecards from your computer.

If you’re the wife or daughter & son team who’s trying to get dad to exercise more and have more fun, enable and empower him with smart golf tech wearables. Let him use the S6 odometer features to see how far he’s walked around the course and remind him to enthusiastically tip his golf cap in a modern day golf tech rip to Mark Twain who once pithily said, while no doubt drafting on his corncob pipe, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” No longer, Mark. For the great Twain is now adroitly rebuked thusly, “Golf is no longer a good walk unwearably.”

Indeed, the S6 performs the role of a golf-centric extension of your dad’s iPhone or Android smartphone. Dad can use the Garmin Connect Golf app and community ecosystem to share scores with his foursome buddies and rub it in via lots of inappropriate bragging rights comments about how much his scores have improved with his new Father’s Day smart golf tech wearables.

The Garmin Approach S6 sports a round, 1-inch diameter, golf glove friendly, high resolution touchscreen display of 180 x 180 pixels. Its rechargeable Lithium Ion battery offers watch mode for up to 20 weeks and GPS enabled golf play mode for up to 10 hours.
The Garmin Approach S6 (Part Number: 010-01195-00) retails for $349.99

download-2TruSwing Club-Mounted Swing Sensor. Garmin’s TruSwing is a real-time swing sensor that can be easily ad hoc mounted to the upper shaft of any club in dad’s golf bag. Together, the TruSwing sensor and the S6 golf watch make a golf pair made in heaven, every bit the equal to the Augusta National pairing of pimento cheese and bread.

The TruSwing sensor will pair with dad’s new S6 golf watch to enable him to download more accurate personal swing data to his smartphone or tablet or PC. With the TruSwing, your dad will be able to see his golf swing in 3D graphics, complete with his personal history of past swings and past performances on his favorite courses. The display on dad’s new S6 will give him valuable real-time TruSwing sensor data wirelessly fed to the S6 to initiate graphic feedback on why he his “wrist path” on that last layup shot to the green on hole 7 was out of whack. More importantly, dad will be able to show the other three buddies in his foursome how out of whack their wristy shots were.)  Go ahead, dad, rub it in. You got the tech, dad. Their kids didn’t reviewiwearthetech.com just yet.)
Dad will be surprised to find out that his new TruSwing sensor will give his S6 golf watch all the info he needs to better visualize and improve the direction, trajectory, overall flight path, and distance of every single one of his golf shots, whether they are imaginary ones while he’s practicing breaking the lamp in the family room or the garage, or at the range or the course.
Some of the best real-time, on-the-course aspects of dad’s use of the TruSwing combo with the S6 golf watch are the various 3D color animation displays on the swing metrics wirelessly transferred by the TruSwing to the S6 on vital golf biomechanics issues such as club path degrees in or out, face-to-target angle in degrees open or closed, dynamic loft, loft offset, shaft lean, impact lean, shaft angle at address, shaft angle at impact.
The Garmin Connect golf apps, dashboards, and community ecosystem of sharable performances should give dad years of fun and healthy outings long after the best Father’s Day gift he’s received in, well, ever. Go ahead and spoil dad with a revolutionary smart golf tech wearable, the Garmin TruSwing (Part Number: 010-01409-00) retails for $149.99.

Wearable Golf Tech Supremacy – Who’da Thunk It? Long ago, in the misty time and boggy place of the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland, not a blue independence face-painted soul in sight imagined that some 187,500 days and nights would pass on the isle and this planet from those times to now before the deliciously nagging and lovingly lingering golfing frustrations of medieval dads, revolutionary dads, dads of the republic, civil war dads, flying ace dads, greatest generation dads, jet age dads, Internet dads, and today’s social media dads would end with a period at the end of that immortal golfing speech from the iconic Scottish hero Sir William Wallace,

“Sons of the golfing republic, I am William Wallace, and I see an entire planet of golfers here in defiance of manual golfing tyranny. You’ve come to play as free and great golfers. And free and great golfers you can be. . . . What will you do without golfing freedom? Will you fight? . . . Aye, play now without smart golf tech wearables and your round this day may die a sorry and tragic death. Run away and you’ll live, at least awhile. . . . Yet dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back to the course and tell your golfing foursome that manual golf skill and scores may consume our lives now, but it will never take our future freedom. Alba gu bràth to smart golf tech wearables and to your dad’s much improved golf skills and scores of tomorrow.”

Make this Sunday a glorious day of golf freedom for your dad, the gift of hundreds of days hence whence your dad may say to his one or two foursomes of golf buddies, “You may have bested me on the course today, but I now have better golf technology than you. You, my golfing foursome buddies will rue the day my daughter and sons bought me these smart golf tech wearables, for in it lay all the future days of my golfing excellence and freedom from bad scores.”
Wearable golf tech supremacy and true admiration and jealousy from dad’s golfing foursome buddies are on the table for the taking, wife, son, and daughter of the dad republic. Who’da thunk it?

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