BREXIT Ripped Open a Virtual Reality Travel Portal in the Space-Time Fabric of the Universe

BREXIT Ripped Open a Virtual Reality Travel Portal in the Space-Time Fabric of the Universe

From the City of London, Birmingham, and Leeds to Manchester, Glasgow, and Newcastle, EU travel aficionados across the United Kingdom are stressing about the impact of the BREXIT Vote Leave outcome on their EU travel plans in 2016 and 2017 and beyond.

Many a BREXIT headline in the past few weeks has discussed the pros and cons of the mounting uncertainties and potential new regulatory hurdles that are likely to impact the UK to EU travel and tourism industry, and to be fair, visa versa, of course. At the very least these issues include airport landing and departure taxes, airline customs procedures, changes to passport rules and documentary evidence protocols for citizenship and work and vacations abroad, Chunnel access between London and Paris, the buying power of the British Pound, EU changes to the caps on the British VAT, the domino effect on the global economy, a potential deep recession in the UK-EU and EU-UK travel industry, even mobile access, data roaming availability and the economics of related fee levels all seem to be on the table for renegotiation.

Eighty percent (80%) of all UK popular travel outside the UK is to the EU countries, primarily to Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and Greece. So ex-post BREXIT Vote Leave, that ol’ FUD monster — fear, uncertainty, and doubt — is raising its ugly head with way too many overlapping, fearsome, and ugly dragon scales of serious travel complications on the horizon. It is, indeed, a weighty issue on the minds of all British travel aficionados.

Now BREXIT may not cause earthshaking changes to your family’s 2016 traditional summertime vacation to Spain or Greece in just a few weeks time from now. However, you can bet your last gold sovereign secreted in the bottom fold of great grandpa’s antique travel steamer chest up in the attic that massive UK-EU travel industry changes are coming for 2017/18 and the rest of this decade. Bank on it, people, bank on it!

Yet amidst this all, No worries, I say. Stop the stress. The universe provides.

Unbeknownst to all our vaunted scientists, the sub-atomic, far-infrared telescope of your imagination and mine can lock in on the UK-EU matrix coordinates to confirm that the BREXIT Vote Leave outcome just ripped open a virtual reality (VR) travel portal in the space-time fabric of the universe. Help is on the way for all UK travelers to the EU.

The wispy thin, constantly morphing edges of this socio-economic rip in space-time allow us to glimpse the disruptive world of the future. In the rapidly approaching future ex-post BREXIT induced changes and restrictions galore, the statistical majority of all our travel and tourism adventures for the next few decades will become facilitated by digital passenger status on “blink teleportation” enabled, virtual trans-atmospheric spaceships with names such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Sony Playstation VR, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and a handful of other virtual reality headsets from aspiring VR tech startups littered across the globe.

Like savvy, veteran Italian café baristas in Florence handsomely luring you in for another summertime limonata on the tourist-crowded and cobblestone speckled Piazza della Repubblica, you’ll encounter in the months and years ahead your choice of many a glitzy online pop up coupon for your next great discounted European Union or UK travel industry venue and experience, courtesy of the emerging growth VR travel industry, no doubt!

This is the world foretold by edgy, futuristic movies such as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall and Jodie Foster’s Contact. So as they say, life often imitates art. Here we are now, at the precipice of momentous change in the individual and collective travel and tourism modus operandi of our lives.

So just like a capable Italian café barista, I say to you, BREXIT dread tired and sore readers in need of the summertime travel adventure spark of new life, “Grazie for visiting my VR travel city, my new British friends. I bring for you and your family a menu of all we offer in the 2016 VR travel industry and a peek at what’s to come.”

“Por favore, read the menu and I’ll return to take your VR travel order, un momentito — as my café barista friends in Mallorca, Spain always like to tell me. Primo, we offer some aperitivo (appetizer) to stimulate your appetite for VR viaggio e turismo, as they say in my VR country. Secondo, your VR travel pasto principale, your entre, por favore, signore y signora. Terzo, la dolce del futuro, dessert according to your desires of the future, s’il vous plaît, as my waiter friends in Paris say. Your limonata, bella signorina. . . . Prego.” (To read the secondo (second) and terzo (third) portions of this blog report on the new and soon to be explosively growing industry of VR travel, visit again later this week.)

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