Results for Wearables in Rio Olympics – Hype or Hope?

Results for Wearables in Rio Olympics – Hype or Hope?

We have all seen the articles leading up to the Olympics on the incredible influence of Wearable Technology for this year’s games, but have the predictions come true?
Has incorporating wearable technology into our elite athlete’s training regimen paid off with the ultimate prize of a Gold Medal?

Let’s start with the USA Women’s Volleyball Team who arrived in Rio as the highest ranking team in the world. Team USA officially incorporated VERT back in 2014 into their training schedule.  What is VERT you may ask? 
VERT is a wearable jump monitor and tracker worn by the user by either a VERT clip or integrated into the user’s clothing as a VERT belt.  The Company has identified some of the features of this product below:

• Count your jumps for injury prevention
• Measure your VERTical for performance motivation and improvement
• See your results in real-time on the VERT Jump Monitor and on your smart device
• Jump Rate™ is a brand new exciting feature that provides you with a whole new metric in fitness! This feature is an exciting tool for jump rope exercises, warm ups and contest amongst your friends. 
• PROPS! ™ Social integration, give and get PROPS!™ and integrate with your social networks.

The Women’s Volleyball Team was no longer in the running for the Gold or Silver they were hoping to achieve, but we still rate their Wearable Technology Olympic story as one of Hope. Congratulations on Team USA taking the bronze!
Now we jump over to swimming-pardon the pun!  What was the black band piece of wearable technology reportedly used by Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte when training for the Rio Games? 
A Wearable Fitness Tracker called the Whoop Strap 2.0 that is designed to be worn 24/7 measuring key performance variables and providing wearers with performance metrics including strain, recovery and sleep. 
The Whoop company claims that athletes using the fitness tracker band can achieve results after 4 months in the following categories:
Change Athlete’s Behavior: Providing Additional Sleep and a Reduction in Consumption of Alcohol Before Bed.
Improve Fitness:  Increase Heart Rate Variability and Reduce Resting Heart Rate
Reduce Injuries:  Reported Injuries occur 60% less often

While we can’t report on the Olympic athlete’s personal experience with the Whoop product, it would seem that the proof is in the pudding with Michael bringing home 5 Gold Medals and 1 Silver this Olympic Games and Ryan bringing home a Gold from Brazil.
While Whoop is not currently available to us mere mortals, you can preorder from them directly.  They cost $500 and currently have a limited supply to the public:
Preorder Customers will receive your choice of:

Selection of 5 additional WHOOP Bands from an assortment colors provided before shipment ($100 value)
– or –
1 additional WHOOP Travel Puck and Battery Pack ($100 value)

These are only two examples of the impact that wearable technology is having on the Olympic Games in Rio, but also illustrates the spread of wearables to all professional and amateur sports across the world and in everyone’s daily lives in general. 
Just have a look around the next time you are in the gym or taking a walk in the park, wearables are everywhere and certainly here to stay.
So our verdict for Wearable Technology and Athletes from all around the World in Rio – Definitely a Story of Olympics Hope in 2016!

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