Sony PSVR to Get Their Stockings Stuffed This Holiday Season? Sales Running Virtual Rings Around HTC Vive and Oculus Rift?

Sony PSVR to Get Their Stockings Stuffed This Holiday Season? Sales Running Virtual Rings Around HTC Vive and Oculus Rift?

Sony PlayStation’s Virtual Reality sales are set to outperform the competition over the holidays according to the latest tech market analysts.  After a successful launch in October, Sony now has expectations of 750,000 units on target to sell in the last 3 months of 2016.

This is really going to dominate the virtual reality headset market when compared to sales for HTC Vive (450,000) and Oculus Rift (355,000).

Granted there are different MSRP price points and model specifications to consider that are influencers in virtual reality buying decisions:

  1. PSVR MSRP: USD$399, (£349, AU$550), USD $499 for Headset + Camera + Controller (Display resolution: 1080×960 OLED, ie. Each eye), Display refresh rate: 120HZ

PlayStation VR Sales

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  1. HTC Vive: MSRP USD$799(£689, AU$899) Includes Everything but PC included (Display resolution: 1200×1080 OLED) Display refresh rate: 90Hz

PlayStation VR Sales

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  1. Oculus Rift: MSRP USD$599 (£549, AU$840) For Headset and Xbox One Controller Bundle, Touch Controllers will set you back another USD$199, (Display resolution: 1200×1080 AMOLED), Display refresh rate: 90Hz

PlayStation VR Sales-Iwearthetech

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The real marketing benefit that is a huge advantage is the established base of users that Sony PlayStation has been able to build over the years of avid gamers that have embraced the various versions of the PlayStation such as PS One, PS2, PS3-you get the picture.

By now piggybacking on an engaged customer base of users to launch a mass market Virtual Reality Headset, they have a built-in market with a gaming system supported by a large library of VR content that is hard to beat. 

Sony PlayStation enthusiasts are already familiar or members of PlayStation Plus that offer monthly free game downloads, access to play games online, instant game collection, discounts, online game save, interactive features allowing multiplayer, and up to 1GB Cloud Storage for PS4 save files.  Members can also get early access to exclusive game content and patch downloads for existing games purchased by users.

PlayStation VR is offering the first VR-compatible Game free this month to PlayStation Plus members.  This is going to answer what users have been speculating about since the launch of the PSVR in October.  Would Sony offer VR games as part of their established “First Tuesday of the Month”?  Every month PlayStation Plus members get access to a new selection of free games that include 2 Vita, 2 PS3, and 2 PS4 titles.

So the big question floating around PSVR user forums has been…If and when PS4 early adopters of Sony’s VR would have access to virtual reality games as part of the “First Tuesday” PlayStation Plus Program?  Sony’s announcement of Hyper Void has answered that debate.

PlayStation VR Sales-Iwearthetech

Hyper Void isn’t a VR game but will feature a free downloadable VR-support add on for users.  This is the same upgrade that was offered on Bound that integrated VR for users.  Hyper Void received a VR-support update after the PSVR was released in October that was available for a free download to any PS4 user that owned the game.  But now with Hyper Void being released on the Playstation Plus platform as a free game, any PS+ user can now get the VR update as well.

Hyper Void will thrill those users that love high action space ship games.  Hyper Void allows you to jump through interstellar wormholes controlling multiple weapons, challenging unique enemies at every turn.  This game will keep you on your toes as there are +28 unique levels plus secret levels delivering intense action and epic battles.

For those users that are not early adopters of new technology and are willing to wait for the 2nd and 3rd generation of PSVR.  This headset may require extraordinary patience as the 2nd generation is not expected to be released until around 2019/2020.

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