“Looking smart” wearing eyeglasses just elevated to a whole new dimension with smart glasses that create your personalized Augmented Reality (AR), with live information feeds that follows your daily activities.

According to a most recent Ericsson’s study “Wearable technology and the Internet of Things” published two weeks ago, smart glasses will experience a significant rise in about three years.smartglasses

Smart glasses of today are already capable of AR live feed, projecting high-resolution images, and even managing 3D objects, so with enhancements during the next few years, we can expect that they will find a spot under the sun with functionality integrated in everyday life.

However, before smart glasses turn into a hit for the mass consumer market, business may be the first adopters of this exciting technology, influencing their industrial, supply chain, remote assistance, medical and similar commercial AR applications. They are already offered for education, tourism, marketing, sports, entertainment, gaming and have been embraced by software developers.

The first smart glasses – the Google Glass, released to “Glass Explorers”  in 2013 before being made available to the general public in 2014.  In January 2015 Google announced they would cease production and concentrate on the future versions while still exploring enterprise solutions which can only mean exciting times are ahead with Google involved in the technology.

After the launch of Google Glass, you had a whole set of tech manufacturers entering the wearable technology marketplace with similar products. Only the majority of them entered the market bypassing private users and concentrating on the business market for enterprise technology solutions.

 smartglassesprivacyBecause one of the main complaints about smart eyewear is privacy intrusion.  For example, you cannot tell whether the user is videotaping or photographing you. If someone wanted to do it with a smartphone, he or she would have to hold in a specific way, while the camera in smart glasses is just following the users natural view direction.

Smart glasses are more accepted in the business world because they act as a tool that could significantly support productivity. For internal processes, when only employees are involved, these privacy issues become non-existent.

Check out some of these wearable technology smart glasses that are available for pre-order, mostly promoted as “the-future-is-now-enterprise-gear”.

1.    Epson MOVERIO BT-200 and BT-300

2.    Meta

3.    Vuzix M100

4.    Laster SeeThru

5.    Atheer Air

Smart eyewear that is focused on public users and currently available for pre-order for $590 is Shima (by Laforge): “Augmented reality with a normal look”. This prescription eyewear acts more like your smartphone’s second screen and displays notifications from your phone to your field of vision.

Tech experts and strategists advise that smart glasses for public use should try to focus more on specific applications and niche users, such as running, skiing or cycling.

As they become more and more independent, different wearables will gradually take over many important smartphone functionalities. It is estimated that after the year 2020 people will wear more than five tech items on their bodies. For many users, smart glasses are probably going to be one of the wearable technology items that will be a must have in the near future.  We will certainly be keeping an eye out for the latest in technology developments for this sector and will keep you updated on any further developments in this exciting niche market.

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