Sensoria Fitness Socks

Sensoria Fitness Socks

Overall Rating



    • Cushioned, comfy socks
    • Machine washable
    • Specialized running data


    • Expensive
    • Cannot put into dryer
    • Uncomfortable anklet
    • Must always pair with smartphone

    Sensoria Fitness Socks and Anklet Bundle Review

    Sick of using your wrist for all your fitness tracking needs? There are now wearables for your feet! Sensoria, the company behind this genius-ness, has created smart socks using woven textile pressure sensors on the sole. The socks (along with the magnetically attached anklets that capture performance metrics) are analyzed using an app on your smartphone. The Sensoria bundle comes with one anklet and two pairs of smart socks for $199.


    Sensoria Fitness Socks and Anklet Bundle ReviewSensoria’s socks look like any other fitness sock out there at first. But they most certainly are not! These socks feature three textile sensors built into the sole of the sock. These sensors then relay pressure information to the anklet using copper-colored threads, which then transmits the data to your smartphone via Bluetooth. On the Sensoria socks’ upper cuff there is a row of five stainless steel magnets that function with the conical indentations on the anklets.

    Each Sensoria sock is labeled left and right and is primarily gray with black colored toes and heels. The socks come in adult sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. For $49, you can buy additional pairs of socks. Fortunately, Sensoria socks are antimicrobial so you can wash them in a washing machine, but you mustn’t put them in the dryer. Instead, they need to be hung up to dry. Sensoria says you will get at least 60 washes out of the socks before the textile sensors deteriorate.

    How do the Sensoria socks feel? They aren’t the thin fitness socks we are used to. While nicely cushioned, they are pretty thick and don’t do a good job at wicking away sweat.

    The Sensoria anklet is a sleek and modern hoop and appears similar to the Nike FuelBand. It has a row of four LED lights, which give visual feedback. It flashes amber during charging and solid green when fully charged. The anklet snaps into the Sensoria sock using the row of rounded spikes at the top. You can wear the anklet on both your left or right foot, OR you can even wear an anklet on each if you’d like to purchase an additional one for $159.  While this isn’t necessary, it may be worthwhile. If you’re only using one anklet, you may feel a bit off in balance, as the weight is noticeable at .96 ounces[1]. To keep the anklet in place, you will need to fold the top of the Sensoria sock over it, which is of course very fashion forward (joke).

    Unlike the Sensoria socks, the anklet will not be as comfortable. It was found to be scratchy and heavy, and it may leave some indent marks from wear.


    The anklet has a three-axis accelerometer which tracks the number of steps, distance, speed, cadence, and pace. You can analyze this data using the app, Sensoria Fitness. The app is simple and once paired, you’ll see two feet on screen. With the bundle, you’ll see just the one foot light up that had the anklet attached. If you do happen to buy a second anklet, you’ll see data for two feet.

    Test out the Sensoria Fitness app by either just standing, walking or running. You can see on the app the different areas where the foot changes color to show pressure. You’ll also notice that there is not a lot of lag time between what your feet are doing and the changes on the app.

    The Sensoria Fitness app, which is available for iOS and Android, is quite robust. The app lets you select the exact running shoes that you own to keep track of how many miles you put on them.

    One crucial part of the setup is to select where you want your food to land while running. By default, it will be the ball of the foot.

    With the Sensoria socks, you can track all the basics and a few more advanced metrics, such as distance, speed, steps, calories burned, cadence, altitude, ascent, descent, foot landing, and foot contact. The Sensoria Fitness app can also pair with a heart rate monitor.

    sensoria fitness sock tracker reviewsA kind of cool feature of the Sensoria Fitness app is that a virtual coach gives you feedback during your run. The settings of the coach can be either silent, discreet, chatty, or very chatty, depending how much feedback you are willing to swallow that day! As to what the coach talks about? You can select either feedback for your foot landing, steps, speed, pace, heart rate, distance, or time. Before you start training in your Sensoria Fitness Socks, you’ll also choose your activity of running, walking or other and if your terrain is indoor or outdoor for accurate measurements. You can also add goals to your app, such as distance or pace.

    Something that should be considered is that for it to all work, you must have your phone while doing the fitness activity. There is no cloud or pairing when you get home. You must have the phone nearby to update in real time

    You can view your performance in either the Sensoria Fitness app or desktop dashboard. This also shows the GPS map of your route! With the online account, you can see stats by activity, and even day, week, month and year.

    Battery Life

    The charger has a USB on one side and a proprietary spiked ring on the other. Meaning you cannot lose this bad boy, or you’ll have to order another!

    Sensoria says that the battery will last about 6 hours of continuous use, and should last about a month on standby. The battery will take about 1.5 hours to charge completely.

    This is an intriguing wearable product, but it definitely is just the start of sport training and running wearables with many new product lines from different companies in the release pipeline.  Sensoria Inc announced June 7th 2016 a “a new smart line of colorful sports bras and t-shirts and training plans offered through a new version of the Sensoria fitness v2.0 app”.

    We are going to keep a close eye on the development of this new and intuitive wearable technology from Sensoria in future reviews.

    For those of you who want to try the latest in wearable running technology-the Sensoria Fitness socks would provide a great deal of summer fitness fun and training feedback.

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