Ringly Smartring

Ringly Smartring

Overall Rating



    • Works just as advertised, in the sweet spot where form meets function
    • Enables you to stay constantly connected to, but not unprofessionally, carelessly, or rudely distracted by your smartphone’s incoming calls, texts, messages, alerts, and notifications
    • Moderately attractive ring setting (housing) design smartly covered with an eye-catching, faceted semi-precious or precious stone
    • Intuitive Ringly app on your smartphone enables easy customization of the Ringly smart ring’s ability to notify you of incoming phone calls, alerts, and social media notifications
    • One to three days of battery life is plenty
    • Practical and attractive product box smartly performs double duty as the charging mechanism
    • Water resistant for light hand washing scenarios


    • Slightly chunky and generically boxy ring setting (housing)
    • Semi-precious and precious stones are medium quality but to be expected in this price range


    Ringly’s founder and CEO Christina Mercando says that Ringly is focused on solving the “style” part of the wearables industry challenges. Boy howdy is she correct.

    Ringly has provided a whiz bang solution to a very tough problem for many of today’s women and girls: how to stay connected to your smartphone without being unprofessional, distracted, or rudely inconsiderate to your colleagues, friends, and family.

    For making such a great product in a needed space, the Ringly earns a rating in this review of 9.5. How can you not give a near perfect score to such an innovative product that gets nearly universal praise for how well it works. It presents such a difficult challenge to find even one iota of poor customer feedback about the product or the company’s customer service and support? 

    Rating of the Ringly:
    •    9.5 on a 1 to 10 scale (10 = best)
        A substantively more attractive ring setting (housing) would earn the Ringly an uplift of another 1/4 point
        An upgraded, pricier fine jewelry version might sell well with a more discriminating, higher end customer segment and earn an extra 1/4 point ratings uplift


    Very seldom nowadays does one come across a product that outperforms exactly the form and function role intended by the original inventor. Ringly and its founder and CEO, Christina Mercando deserve a standing ovation for a quite fashionable, digitally smart cocktail ring that does its job very well and looks great too.

    Ringly Wearable Tech Ring Review

    The Ringly establishes a new category of wearables, ‘smart jewelry’ that helps notify you of incoming calls, texts, messages, social media alerts, calendar events & reminders, and many other categories of notifications. All this while enabling you to avoid the annoying distraction of both appearing and actually being constantly and consciously tied to your smartphone.

    With the Ringly, you can keep your smartphone tucked away in your purse, yet still know when someone important is trying to call you or when an important text or social media notification or a calendar alert for a pressing meeting, high priority shopping trip, or special event is at hand.

    In short, Ringly helps you prioritize how you interact with your smartphone and let’s you do it in a discrete, natural way, with class, efficiency, and professionalism.

    Christina Mercando started Ringly because she was frustrated that her husband could not reach her because her smartphone was in her purse. She was frustrated with a lot of the wearable tech out there, frustrated with the limited digitally smart and artfully fashionable choices for women.

    The answer Ms. Mercando brought to market, the Ringly, performs just as advertised. The Ringly provides a great solution to a nettlesome problem for lots of women in today’s consumer-, business-, and family-based environments. Many women’s worlds are filled with digital distractions that stream dozens of necessary daily alerts and notifications on smartphones that are often difficult to tend to in a timely manner. Especially when one’s iPhone or Android phone is hidden in a purse or inconveniently stashed away somewhere in the office or house.

    Best Ringly Wearable Tech Ring Review

    The fact that the Ringly does this in a very fashionable, reasonably priced, 18-karat gold plated, matte finish piece of jewelry with an 11 to 13-karat, hand-cut semi-precious (or precious) stone – available in available in ring sizes 5 through 9 — is a real breakthrough in the wearables industry.

    Your Ringly smart ring can be set up via the very intuitive and ‘could-not-be-easier’ Ringly app on your smartphone.

    You can customize how your eyes are visually alerted by the LED light on the Ringly’s side via different colors that can be associated with each separate category of social media or phone call or text notification. In parallel to the visual light cue, you can configure how your Ringly vibration alerts your finger to phone calls, text messages, Emails, calendar events, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Skype, Slack, Snapchat, Uber, Lyft, Twitter, and Vine notifications, just to name some of the current apps supported.

    Ringly Wearable Tech Ring Review

    There are five (5) different colors that you can associated with various categories of apps and alerts and four (4) different types of vibration alerts that you can tie to an app or notification type.

    As for app performance, you won’t find too many apps that are better designed in terms of UI and UX.

    The box that Ringly comes in actually does double duty as the charger for the ring as well. In this regard, Christina Mercando appears to have taken a ‘no factor of production is wasted’ page out of the early 19th century era Henry Ford book of industrial design and manufacturing – a very savvy business move to enable the product packaging to efficiently perform more than just the product package role — how nicely sustainable, Ringly. Good job!

    Another great bit of savvy product concept thinking about this product/charing box is that it holds a charge for up to a week, which makes traveling with your Ringly pretty easy. A micro USB port on the back of the charging box connects to your choice of charging mechanisms.

    A full charge of the Ringly should last a day to a day and a half of moderate to heavy use and three days of sparse to moderate use.

    As for connectivity, the Ringly offers Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to iPhones (5+) Android (4.3+) smartphones.

    The Ringly’s inner electronics are very smartly packed into a a pièce De Résistance of electronics packaging inside an attractive ring — kudos to the Ringly electrical packaging engineer who did a genius job enabling this new consumer electronics technology and product platform. Indeed, the Ringly is a fine example of the type of internal electronics packaging that will become ever more pervasive in the years ahead in the wearables industry – and it presents a good case study for wearables engineers of the future to emulate.


    The following are some customer quotes that are quite representative of the overwhelming majority of customer comments about the Ringly we found from different online retailer’s websites.

    “I love my Ringly. It took no time to connect to my phone and set everything up.”

    “This is my favorite thing ever! I love having the various light and vibration patterns so I know exactly what just came through on my phone without having to look.”

    “I’m not rummaging in my purse to find out that buzz was just something I could have ignored. I’m also a millenial in an office environment fighting that stereotype, so the less I check my phone the better.”

    “This is my favorite thing ever! I love having the various light and vibration patterns so I know exactly what just came through on my phone without having to look. As a professional who stands in front of clients all day, I know if I receive anything important with a notification subtle enough to not distract others. Plus, it’s just great jewelry too!”

    “Battery life for a single charge is easily three days, but I tend to plug it into the ring box charger at night just so I don’t have to think about it.”


    COMPATIBILITY iPhone 5+, Android 4.3+
    BATTERY 250mAh (good for 1 to 3 days, depending on moderate to heavy notification usage)
    NOTIFICATION METHODS RGB color LED light; vibration motor (customizable with four different vibration patterns)


    The Ringly is generally available now and has MSRPs that range from USD195 to USD260, depending on the ring.


    The Ringly smart ring is a fantastic buy for both women and men.

    For women, it offers a chance to stay connected to the notifications, alerts, and phone calls on your smartphone without feeling self-conscious about focusing too much of your attention on your smartphone during a business meeting, a night on the town with your spouse, or a day spent with your family.

    For men, the Ringly is a great birthday or holiday gift for your spouse, daughter, niece, or family friend attending university, or simply a great way to get you out of the dog house with someone you love, after every other move has failed.

    The Ringly hits the smart ring market right on the sweet spot at the intersection where smart form & function meets convenience and value.

    And with a CEO such as Christina Mercando, look for Ringly to continue to do great things in the fashionable wearables marketplace in the years ahead.

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