Garmin 735xt ReviewBuilt for multisport athletes requiring a GPS watch, wrist heart rate tracking, and the brand’s incredible Elevate technology platform, there are a multitude of differentiating factors for why the Garmin 735XT might be the ideal functional fitness tracker.  

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • The device measures your heart rate at the wrist (via optical sensor) so you aren’t bothered by chest straps
  • This wearable watch offers VO2 max estimate, race predictor, recovery advisor, and lactate threshold
  • You can personalize this fitness tracker with free apps, watch faces, and more from Connect IQ
  • This model supports smart notifications, live tracking, automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, and much more
  • The Garmin 735XT provides advanced cycling, swimming, and running stats as it records ground contact time, stride length, balance, and vertical ratio, to name a few factors (if paired with optional chest straps)

Garmin’s Forerunner 735 XT has a similar style compared to the Garmin 235 model on the outside, but it’s certainly more powerful than its predecessors.

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On top of strapless heart rate measuring capabilities, the new 735 XT can also receive notifications from texts, emails, phone calls, calendar updates and even social media alerts.

The new and improved Garmin 735 XT is likewise compatible with the manufacturer’s power-monitoring Vector pedals.  In addition, there are a full range of cycling accessories by Varia, so you don’t have to buy a cycling computer and a separate watch which is a bonus.

Did we mention that this multisport can also handle cross-country skiing, kayaking, canoeing, strength training, and hiking? Simply toggle between activities using a button. You can leave your Garmin 735 XT in automatic multisport mode if you want to track generic parameters such as calories burned and heart rate.

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Garmin’s 735 XT can even calculate your ‘Suffer Score,’ which is computed based on your heart rate zones to show how hard you’ve been working compared to your peak. You can get quite competitive comparing Suffer Scores with your friends and have a great time trying to one-up each other.

Prices start at US$449.99—not exactly cheap, but reasonable considering the functionality, increased performance, and stylish design.

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