Fitbit Surge ReviewsSurge is the first wearable tech by Fitbit designed specifically for sports enthusiasts who enjoy working out, cycling, and running. The Fitbit Surge fitness tracker smartwatch, as described by Fitbit itself, is its “most advanced tracker”, with built-in GPS and an optical heart rate sensor rounds out a few of its outstanding features.

These features make the Fitbit Surge a worthy match or an alternative to other sports watches from other brands like Garmin. Our Tech experts at IWearTheTech.Com reviewed the first true sports tracking wearable to help you learn more about its most important features and how it can fit into your lifestyle.

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Here are a few key features you should know about the Fitbit Surge:

  • Surge is marketed as the ‘super watch’ for fitness – The top quality Fitbit Surge smartwatch comes with all functions that are standard in most Fitbit watches, including trackers for calories, activity, sleep, and steps, but Surge went the extra mile with a heart rate monitor and GPS.
  • Surge Design – Think calculator watches from the 80s—that is what Surge looks like, but with a futuristic digital touch and a bit of a trendy retro style. The band is made of durable rubber material that comes in tangerine, black, and blue, in three sizes (small, medium, and large), and it is comfortable for extended wear. Fitbit Surge is lightweight, but it may not be the best watch to wear on a formal occasion and is certainly designed for the active fitness user.
  • Surge is easy to use – The monochrome 1.25-inch backlit touchscreen LCD is easy responsive and easy to navigate. A button on the screen’s left side easily lets you change views between function screens and your daily stats, and two buttons on the right side let you navigate through functions.
  • Surge has customizable watch faces – You can personalize the face of the Fitbit Surge, but you will have to make changes through the app to achieve that. You may need to do the same thing when witching notifications.
  • Surge Gyroscope and Accelerometer Tracking capabilities – Surge comes with a three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer, two crucial features that boost its capability in tracking steps, calories, floors climbed, distance, elevation, sleep, active minutes, and heart rate. The heart rate monitor can work 24/7.
  • Surge GPS connectivity – If you run then this is a biggie, you will love this feature that lets you track your time, pace, and distance, even without your smartphone.

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