Could this Wearable Put C3PO out of a job?

Could this Wearable Put C3PO out of a job?

Waverly Pilot Translator earbuds Imagine Luke Skywalker giving his golden translator C3PO the pink slip as his intergalactic services are no longer required. Here is a deleted scene from the 1977 VHS Special Edition of “A New Hope” It makes you wonder if Han Solo could have been using this wearable technology in a Galaxy Far…Far… Away with Jabba the Hut?  One of the problems with this scenario, is we can’t find Jabba’s ears? Waverly Labs will launch later this year a wearable earbud called Pilot that claims to provide language translation between users in real time.   This would enable users to communicate in their respective native languages with one another. Looking to travel to Europe but haven’t had time to brush up on a Babble or Rosetta Stone course…. No Problem!

How Does It Work?

1.    First you need a Smartphone that provides the CPU for the App.  One of the best things about this process is that there is no cellular data required as you download the app to your smartphone.  This is incredibly handy as most of us don’t have a data package overseas. 2.    There are two Bluetooth earbuds:  The first one is for you and the second for the person that you are attempting to communicate with in another language. 3.    Then you just engage in a normal conversation in your individual native languages and the Pilot App translates for you by sending a voice to the other user in their native tongue.  The opposite works in reverse when they are conversing with you. There could be some delays expected but they should not hinder having a normal conversation.  Certainly more engaging then having a game of foreign charades trying to find directions back to your hotel or finding that hidden gem of a sidewalk cafe for some amazing local cuisine. Check out this short video to get a great demonstration of the technology!   

What Languages Will the Pilot Cover?

The company currently is offering English, French, Spanish, Italian with languages being added on an ongoing basis.  Some languages identified for rollout in the future would be East Asian, Hindi, Arabic etc.

How Much are the Waverly Labs Pilot Wireless Earbuds?

Retail is expected to be between $249-$299 with a limited quantity from $199 pre-launch late fall/early winter release.
This new wearable technology innovation would really revolutionize the way tourists travel and interact with locals – as long as you can convince the elderly pasta chef at a corner café to put on the wearable earpiece.
We can’t wait to try this wearable technology so until then…Bon Voyage and Happy Travels!

Here is another great video that demonstrates all the capabilities we have discussed:
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