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Our Team


Cameron has been involved in the technology industry for over 20 years and brings an international perspective to our team having built a career that has taken him from New York USA, Sydney Australia, Berlin Germany and now coming full circle back to his home country of USA.

Being a lifelong techie, Cameron’s primary focus for I Wear the Tech readers is to analyze the functionality, usability, and customization of wearable tech products for the end user.  If the product specifications are not clearly defined for the reader, the product will end up in a drawer instead of enhancing the reader’s daily life.  He is committed to providing our readers with the most relevant new products on and/or coming to the market.

The goal of Cameron and the entire I Wear the Tech team is to deliver relevant and valuable technical information that consumers expect from a technology news site. When deciding which tech product is the right fit for their lifestyle, Cameron strives to deliver to our readers an enjoyable experience on the site as well as deliver valuable information. After all-wearable tech is all about the journey so you might as well enjoy it!

John P. Del Favero, Jr.

John P. Del Favero, Jr. is a technology futurist and complex systems analyst & engineer.

Del Favero focuses on developing mindsets, teams, new ventures, and win-win solutions for the rapidly approaching convergence point where nanotechnologies, green & clean sustainable technologies, tipping point global climate change, state-of-the-art IT, and new global market trends meet to forge new opportunities for commercial and humanitarian ventures.

Del Favero is a C-suite level marketing executive with IT experience at IBM and several software startups and dabbles in angel investing and patent development.

Del Favero is likely the only person on planet earth to deliberately break the vaunted IBM Token Ring technology with voice-over-network tech. This ‘feat of failure’ was accomplished in relative anonymity at the IBM Palo Alto R&D campus in the early ’90s during an intuitively inspired and highly successful “destructive crescendo effect experiment” with two IBM Heidelberg R&D engineers who were developing some of the world’s first and best-in-class multimedia network and Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) technology demonstrations. This very deliberate “experiment-to-failure” modus operandi helped IBM’s Heidelberg engineers solve some early and thorny media server and voice networking technology challenges. This tech development m.o. speaks to Del Favero’s resolute belief in innovating to the point of breaking today’s state-of-the-art techs in order to create the win-win solutions that silently lay in wait to benefit the human race beyond tomorrow’s tomorrows.

He was born an IBM child and raised in Silicon Valley, where so many tech industry families took root prior to and during the Apollo moon program.


Brittany is a lover all of things fitness, particularly wearable tech. Once she learned a device could count her steps, she never stopped walking. She is like a modern Forrest Gump, but too lazy to run. The only thing she loves more than outstepping her friends is her Boston Terrier, Finny.

With a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Master’s in Training and Development, this confused millennial finally found her niche in tech journalism.


Iva Vlasimsky

Iva Vlasimsky is a writer and a storyteller, now counting 15 years of writing experience. By the age of 4, she started her scribbling career and fast-forward 20 years from there she earned an M.A. in journalism. For 11 years she has sharpened her writing and researching skills with a daily newspaper, but her creative drive, passion for storytelling and new media pushed her forward. Specifically interested in combining text with technology, she was briefly a self-starting mobile app producer – she wrote and made a concept for an educational children’s book app for the iOS platform (“Cats With Spots,” iTunes). With that project, she also studied and practiced on-line marketing techniques, SEO writing, social media, and content strategies.

It all introduced her to an exciting and vivid world of content marketing for businesses, where she was a freelance writer. But, again, the focus gradually switched to technology. After writing award submissions for several Microsoft partners and discovering content specifics for software companies, she is specializing her writing services for the IT sector and starting a new website called “Storytelling 4 Tech.”

She likes to believe that her storytelling magic can act as a connecting bridge between the tech world and the rest of the world (that is ever changing exactly because of technology).

When she’s not writing, she is spending time with her amazing son and her fabulous daughter.