Learn the Innovative Aspects of Wearable Technology Fashion – Smartwatches to Implantables

Learn the Innovative Aspects of Wearable Technology Fashion – Smartwatches to Implantables

Wearable technology has certainly become more fashion conscious in recent years. It’s now easy to stay stylish with wearable gadgets that track your health and fitness information, among other things.

  1. But what is wearable tech and how are these gadgets different from others?
  1. How come a smart watch is considered wearable tech, but a digital watch or a trendy pair of headphones is not?

The important distinction between wearable tech and other gadgets is that wearables tap into the so-called “connected self.” They have smart sensors and can connect to your smartphone wirelessly. Their sensors connect to you and help you to achieve your individual goals—whether that are staying fit, losing weight, keeping active, or simply becoming more organized in your daily life.

Most wearable technology fashion is worn on the wrist, but a growing array of new models can now be hung around the neck or clipped to the body. Today’s wearables are designed to blend seamlessly with jewelry and are much more stylish than initial iterations.

From watches to pendants to smart rings, there are wearables of all kinds now available on the market from an increasingly diverse group of manufacturers.  Part of this can be attributed to the accessibility of funding for start-up wearable technology firms through platforms such as Kickstarter.  Reliance of the major manufacturers such as Samsung, Garmin, Apple, Asus, and Sony to name a few, is now supplemented with these nimble and innovative new players in the wearable market.

Smart ring reviews | Wearable Technology Reviews

One of the most popular wearable technology fashions at the moment is the smartwatch. These wrist-worn gadgets connect to your smartphone and essentially function as mini windows into your digital life. They don’t just tell the time—they also notify you about messages, calls, emails, and social media alerts.

Get the best reviews on wearable technology fashion , which comes in all sizes, shapes, and levels of sophistication. Clip it under a belt or wear it around the wrist to keep all sorts of information—from your heart rate down to number of steps you take in a day. The built-in GPS makes results more accurate. Are you a serious runner or are you an avid swimmer in need of a fitness tracker that offers water resistance to 50 meters? There are dedicated fitness trackers with technology specifically designed for your sport.

Other types of wearable tech include head-mounted displays or smartglasses that deliver virtual information right to your eyes, as well as smart clothing and smart jewelry.

Implantable wearable technology is also gaining traction and is expected to become more popular in the next decade. This is not a new concept as cochlear implants for hearing have been around since the 1980’s, but it is the potential applications in a user’s everyday life that gets very interesting.

Imagine if you have a small RFD chip implanted in your hand and are suddenly able to open the door at your home or office without a key or card?  What if you could go to the doctor and have all your medical records accessible with a hand swipe?  Pay at the grocery store by tapping your hand on the counter or directly at the gas pump?

No more fumbling with keys at the door or carrying around your wallet-that is a vision of the future of wearable technology that many envision.  Only time will tell, but should be an interesting story to unfold.

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