JAWBONE UP3: Monitor Your Calorie Consumption with Unmatched Accuracy

JAWBONE UP3: Monitor Your Calorie Consumption with Unmatched Accuracy

The UP3 is one of Jawbone fitness trackers that are known for its stylish design and comfortable and lightweight build. With the Jawbone UP3, you can easily track your sleep, heart health, and activities to aid in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

The fitness tracker’s app will deliver a notification and ask you to confirm if you have worked out and the duration of the workout. A Jawbone UP3 fitness tracker review revealed that the sensors can track sleep cycles and REM, too. You may find the silent alarm useful if you want to wake up at the right moment, so you can feel more refreshed.

The UP3 was the Jawbone’s first fitness tracker to have a built-in sensor that tracks your heart rate, mainly the resting heart rate. This wearable device uses a bio-impedance sensor to measure your respiration rate, heart rate, and galvanic skin responses.

Potential deal breaker: Our latest Jawbone UP3 fitness tracker review found one major drawback being that you can’t check your heart rate while working out. Unfortunately, this is not the wearable fitness tracker for athletic users wanting to track their HR during exercise activity.

If you are just looking for a device to track your everyday normal activities and want to track your progress through the day, this tracker can do the trick.  Jawbone UP3 has incorporated an accelerometer to precisely measure the number of steps, distance you travel, and activity levels including intelligent sensing when you are exercising.

There are two temperature sensors in the UP3 model that collect both ambient and skin temperature.

One cool feature that is getting great user feedback is the Jawbone UP3’s ability to give an alert when you have been inactive for an extended amount of time.  This will certainly motivate you to keep moving to reach your daily goal which is one of the core benefits of a fitness tracker users love. You can set it between 15 minutes and two hours, and UP3 will remind you to get moving.

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You can continue monitoring the number of calories you burned with the Jawbone UP3 for five to seven days before it will require recharging. Don’t want to run out of juice unexpectedly?  No worries, because the app will notify you if you need to plug it in and recharge. That way, you do not have to worry about potential downtime in the middle of the day. Charging time typically takes about an hour to 1.5 hours.

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