Wireless Sports Earbuds prescribed by your Doctor? For the First Time Ever…Yes!

Wireless Sports Earbuds prescribed by your Doctor?  For the First Time Ever…Yes!

Jabra©has announced this week the first medically prescribed (HIPAA Compliant) wearable wellness program for consumers through a strategic partnership with TrainerMD.  If qualified, your doctor could provide a medical prescription for the Jabra© Sport Pulse©.

What does this mean for You?

If you are a patient looking to manage your fitness and nutrition in your daily life, this could be another tool in your belt to help you achieve your personal health goals.
Whether you are personally trying to curb obesity, fight cancer or manage diabetes, the TrainerMD program sounds amazing. The integration of the new Jabra© Sport Pulse© wireless earbuds now delivering streaming fitness/health data directly to your medical professionals will certainly be beneficial to many patients achieving their personal health goals.  Check with your doctor or medical provider to see if this device could be right for you!

How does it work?

Unlike most fitness trackers that are worn on the users wrist, the  Jabra© Sport Pulse© wireless earbuds have an in-ear heart rate monitor that delivers clinical-grade accuracy.
The Jabra© Sport Pulse© streams everything from your workout such as heart rate, calories, and pace to the secure TrainerMD’s 360 Health program dashboard.  The program covers people of all ages and fitness levels with nutrition and performance data integrated into the program.
This information can be shared with the user’s personal physician, nurses and/or personal trainer.  These professionals can receive real-time notifications on the user’s vitals and exercise data.  This integration between user and medical professionals will provide vital information that can be used to monitor/recommend ongoing health considerations and progress tracking.

What about Performance?

In addition to all the incredible health and fitness data that users will achieve in wearing these pieces of technological wonder, the Jabra© Sport Pulse© provide incredible sound.  Fitness enthusiasts will love the functionality of being able to control the playback and volume of their favorite music with the added benefit of being able to take phone calls.  All of these functionalities are controlled with a simple quick tap on the earbuds making this a true hands-free experience.

What about the specs?

  • Bluetooth 4.0 up to 10m
  • Talk Time: Up to 5 hours
  • Standby Time: Up to 10 days
  • USB Charging
  • Voice Guidance spoken prompts
  • Weight: .56 oz or 16 grams

The Company says the wireless earbuds are “built towards US military rain, shock, sand, and dust standards”.  

What about price?

They have an MSRP$159.99
While this is on the top end of the wireless earbud spectrum, when you consider the technological integration and the price of most medical devices, the Jabra© Sport Pulse© provide some great value for most patients.
These are exactly the type of products that we love to report on as wearable technology is increasingly integrated into consumers lifestyles for not only convenience and functionality, but also to improve the overall health and wellness of the consumer.

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