Get to Know the Astonishing Attributes of Samsung Gear VR

Get to Know the Astonishing Attributes of Samsung Gear VR

Providing a wire-free virtual reality experience and more affordable than previous models, the latest Samsung Gear VR is suitable even for glasses wearers. It’s also easy to use and setup.

The only real disadvantage is that it’s tied to specific phone hardware such as the Samsung S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, and Note 5). Critics also note the lower refresh and perceptible resolution compared to the competition.Samsung Gear VR Games and Features

Some users have complained of the limited range of games and content, and some even say this gadget may cause nausea. We have found that there are multiple places (such as the Oculus app or the Samsung VR app) that you can download free VR content that is compatible with the Samsung Gear VR since it works off your mobile phone.

Some of the higher end games range from $1.99 to $14.99 but there are plenty of free of experiences such as sitting center stage at a Cirque du Soleil performance.

We have tested everything from fantastic roller coaster rides to underwater diving with sharks that will make your head spin! So, if you can find compatible VR programming for your model phone it should work on the VR Headset powered by your mobile handset which is great.

So what’s new about the latest model? The newest Samsung Gear VR is in many ways similar to the previous design and is also priced at $99. But it sports a new darker blue body (not quite black) that many fans say is 100x better than the original’s white casing. The change in hue was not done for cosmetic reasons but for practical purposes. The darker interior improves viewing content much easier even in brightly lit rooms. The previous model’s white body let light in from the outside, distracting from the VR viewing experience.

The new Samsung Gear VR’s field of view was also increased to 101 degrees (compared to 96 in the older model), so you should be able to see more on screen. And if you own the previous model, you might notice the new Samsung Gear VR’s legacy micro-USB standard, which made it compatible with the Galaxy Note 7 (although as we all know doesn’t currently matter due to the massive recall and contributed to a 95% loss for Samsung Q3 earnings) aside from supporting S6, S7, and Note 5 devices).Samsung Gear VR Features and Review

You can charge the phone while it’s inside the headset with the port on the side. If you’re using an older Samsung phone, utilize the micro-USB adapter (included in the Samsung 2016 Gear VR’s packaging).

Should you buy it or not? We are still very supportive of the Samsung Gear VR Headset as it provides a great entry level virtual reality experience.  The price of $99 can’t be beat if you are looking to put your toe in the VR pond.  The Samsung VR let’s you see what it is all about before investing $400 for the Playstation VR standalone headset or $600 on the Oculus Rift headset designed for compatible Window PC’s.

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