Garmin launches new apps for Connect IQ: Uber, Trek, GU, nuun Active Hydration

Garmin launches new apps for Connect IQ: Uber, Trek, GU, nuun Active Hydration

Garmin continues to add new functionalities for the proprietary platform Connect IQ.  Launched two years ago, the Connect IQ Store now boasts more than 20 million downloads over 3 million compatible Garmin devices.

Garmin launched the latest applications during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week in Las Vegas.  The new Garmin Uber ETA app is already creating excitement for the practical applications available for users of the Uber share riding service.

The Garmin Uber ETA will allow you to order an Uber and have the estimated time of arrival, (hence the Garmin Uber ETA name), directly on your Garmin wearable smartwatch.  If you are wearing a Garmin Smartwatch, you will be able to see the status of your upcoming ride and Uber driver information on your wrist wearable instead of relying on your Smartphone.

The Garmin Uber ETA app will allow you to keep track of your Uber ride, make and model of the Uber car, license plate, and GPS guidance to your pick-up location.  This added convenience and functionality for your existing Garmin wearable Smartwatch is a practical functionality addition to the existing Connect IQ platform.

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There is also a new data field announced from Trek/Bontrager on the Connect IQ Store designed for use with Garmin Edge GPS bike computers.  This is an added safety feature designed for cyclists to gain quick access for controlling their Bontrager head lights and tail lights without the necessity to exit Edge activity during a ride.

Another functionality added to Garmin Edge GPS is the ability to monitor your battery level of safety lights and the ability to control settings for variant grades of lighting conditions during daytime, night-time, cloudy days, etc.

If you are an avid cyclist that uses nuun Active Hydration systems, there is a new smartwatch face available that will track your goal’s progress. 

GU Energy Labs will work through the Garmin Edge Connect IQ app to remind cyclists to refuel via GU Energy Gels and recommend amounts of gels based on activity to achieve maximum performance.

As we announced last month, Garmin Connect IQ had added the Join cyclist widget allowing group riders to keep track of one another’s GPS location which has been well received by amateur teams worldwide.


Do you closely monitor your heart rate (HR) during training to maximize your workout activity?  The Strava Live Suffer Score for Garmin Bike Computers and Smartwatch Wearables tracks your fitness performance in the different level of heart rate zones to measure total activity into one simple rating.  Users will find this feature highly beneficial in ensuring you get the most out of your workout in the most efficient way possible.garmin-accuweather-app

There is also an update to the AccuWeather Edge Minute Cast for your Smartwatch wearable and bike computer that will provide up to date and localized precipitation forecasts which is always important to cyclists hitting the open road during potentially hazardous weather conditions.

We are confident this trend in Garmin proprietary technology platforms and integrated functionality of 3rd party apps into the Connect IQ platform for Garmin Smartwatches and compatible devices will only continue to expand and grow to meet active Garmin users demands for the future.

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