Fitbit Surge Smartwatch Review

Fitbit Surge Smartwatch Review

Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge

Overall Rating



    • 24/7 Fitness and Heart rate tracking
    • GPS-capable
    • Auto sleep function
    • Always on display


    • Not waterproof so not designed for showering or swimming
    • Limited notifications (Text and Calls)
    • Design more for exercise than casual wear

    The Fitbit Surge is FitBit’s first attempt at designing a wearable for those hardcore fitness goers.  Particularly in the realm of running and cycling. It compares to a sports watch, which is some big words for a FitBit device!

    This device was noted as a fitness “super watch,” and has all the basic capabilities that come with the standard FitBit’s, like tracking steps, sleep, calories and activity. This fitness tracker went a step further by adding in heart rate monitoring and built-in GPS.  Yet, does it stand up to the hype? Read on to see if this is the tracker for you!

    FitBit Surge: Design Review

    Fitbit SurgeLike the FitBit Blaze, the display of the Surge looks to be from the 80’s and is oversized. A size comparison would be those old school, dorky calculator watches! Not the look some might go for unless you are after a trendy retro fashion statement.

    The Surge has a rubber band made from durable material that is commonly found in sports watches (for your band color can select Black, Blue or Tangerine). We’ve found the band to be quite comfortable.  The Surge is very light, coming in at 2.7 ounces. Don’t recommend keeping this device on for any formal occasions. The FitBit Blaze would be a better option if dressing the band up is important to you! The Surge band comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

    The 80’s looking display has a touchscreen monochrome 1.25-inch LCD.  On the left side of the screen, there is a button for alternating views so you can pick between daily stats or the function screens. There are two buttons on the right side of the screen to select the functions.

    Display Pros:
    ●    Easy to navigate
    ●    Touchscreen responsiveness is rock solid
    ●    LCD screen is backlit

    Display Cons:
    ●    To change to one of the four available watch faces you must go to the app to do so
    ●    Same with switching notifications

    The heart rate monitoring in the Surge is a pretty big deal, not only does it monitor 24/7, using the PurePulse technology, but with the built-in optical heart rate sensor, it can guide you during more intense workouts for detailed bpm training. Monitoring your resting heart rate allows you see how your fitness improves (or not!) on a consistent basis.This is pretty cool, with the PurePulse technology, it uses LED lights to detect blood volume changes as your heart beats which gives you a more accurate calories burned stat.

    The other big deal with the FitBit Surge is GPS connectivity. Runners can now track runs with the tracker, and you can leave your phone at home.  This function is pretty easy to use too! You can pick if you are doing laps, treadmill or free running.  While running, you are able to see distance, time and pace on the screen of the Surge.

    The Surge records other sports as well, like yoga, golf, weights, circuit training, tennis, and hiking to name a few. For all you hardcore bikers, the Surge was relaunched with a dedicated tracking feature for cycling!

    Fitbit Surge Smartwatch Comprehensive Guide

    Activity tracking with the Surge is found to be very reliable. This tracker lets users see how they are matching up against fitness goals, and works to keep people motivated. Sleeping tracking with the Surge is better than older models, as it is automatically monitored, no need to tell the tracker when you are going to sleep.

    Fitbit Surge: The FitBit App Review

    We’ve said it before; the FitBit App is one of the best things about making the decision to go with any of the FitBit’s! All of them use the same app, which is packed with social challenges, badges and all of your stats.  Your stats include your step counting, distance, calories, heart rate, floors climbed, and workouts — all shared with pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs….. You get the picture; you’ll get a very visual representation of your activity!

    Fitbit Surge: Smartwatch Notifications Review

    The Surge does have smart notifications, but it isn’t THAT smart. You can receive texts and calls (but you can’t answer without your phone!), and there is no integration with
    email or your digital calendar, which is a big negative for many consumers. Also, third-party apps like Facebook, Twitter or SnapChat, forget about it! You can’t be that connected with this so-called smart/sports watch.Best Fitbit Surge Smartwatch

    During workouts, you are able to control music by skipping, playing or pausing.

    Fitbit Surge: Battery & Charging Review

    Review Fitbit Surge Smartwatch FitBit claims that the battery lasts up to 7 days. Yet, we’ve found when using the GPS daily the battery only lasts about 3, maybe 4 days.  Not the greatest battery life we’ve seen! The LCD screen is backlit, which helps to prolong the battery life of the wearable.

    To charge the Surge you use a proprietary connector attached to a USB cable.

    While FitBit claims the Surge isn’t waterproof, the device has a water resistant rating of 5 atmospheres which means you could swim with it up to 165 feet. We don’t recommend testing it though if FitBit doesn’t suggest it.

    The FitBit Surge isn’t an ideal option for serious athletes, as it is too bulky and the features suit more of a casual runner than someone who lives and breathes fitness. As an everyday tracker, this is a great comfortable and durable option for casual runners or walkers looking for GPS capability and heart rate monitoring.  While we wouldn’t go so far to classify this wearable as a smart or sports watch, it’s definitely a feature packed fitness tracker that has appeal.

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