Fitbit Charge HR Reviews

Fitbit Charge HR Reviews

Fitbit Charge + Heart Rate Monitor

Fitbit Charge + Heart Rate Monitor

Overall Rating













              • Auto Sleep Tracking
              • Great Battery Life (5 days)
              • IOS, Windows, and Android Compatability
              • Great price for function


              • Not Waterproof-be a plus if you could swim or shower
              • No dedicated running activity
              • HR tracking not as reliable as we would like to see

              VERDICT AND RATING

              Fitbit’s Charge HR incorporates some great functionality such as heart rate tracking, automatic sleep tracking and automatic fitness activity tracking.   We are always pleased to see diversification in Smartwatches and Fitness trackers that are not exclusive to IOS or Android.

              This Fitbit model works with both and Windows to boot, so a big plus for compatibility. Nice slim design with a competitive price.  This model was released nearly a year ago, so there are some great pricing deals to be had.


              The upgraded version of the Fitbit Charge is the new Fitbit Charge HR.  Both models have the same functional ability to track daily activity including steps, distance walked/run, and calories etc.  One of the differences is the displayed fields, both models do: Time, Steps, Distance, Calories, and Stairs.  The Charge HR as it’s updated name suggests adds Heart Rate (Charge HR only).


              When the Fitbit Charge HR was released in January 2015, there were several concerns regarding lack of apps features and having a basic, but simplistic design.  But one year on and the Fitbit Charge is still delivering superior performance for a fitness tracker in this price range.  With the passing of time and debuts of various new activity tracker products hitting the market.

              Best Fitbit Charge HR ReviewsFor such as compact fitness tracker, the Fitbit Charge HR has an impressive battery life of over four days.  This performance certainly stacks up to other fitness tracker models over double in price.  The Fitbit Charge HR also delivers great connectivity to apps and with fast syncing for the active user.

              One of the benefits of purchasing a successful model that has been in the marketplace for a year now, is there have been a multitude of apps and software/firmware updates.  The improvements have allowed for better heart rate, activity-session, and auto-sleep tracking.

              There are now many third-party applications that have been developed for the Fitbit App that will work great for the Fitbit Charge HR.  You can find almost anything that you are looking for which is one of the advantages of buying the wearable markets leading fitness tracker manufacturer.


              For those of you familiar with the Fitbit Charge or Fitbit Force, there is little that distinguishes the Fitbit Charge HR in terms of design.  They all incorporated a rubberized wraparound band with LED display of time, steps, and various data.  There is an optical heart-rate monitor on the underside touching the skin with green LED lights for increased HR accuracy.

              There is a traditional buckle/clasp which will appeal to users that are adverse to some of the pop clasps featured on other fitness trackers in the current market.  With this type of clasp design, you can be sure that the Fitbit Charge HR will stay firmly on your wrist during intensive physical activity, without flying off during jumps in your next fitness class.

              The Fitbit Charge HR has a selection of colors and sizes available, so the options to customize for the perfect fit and individual look are up to you.

              Topping up the battery is very easy with Fitbit’s familiar USB dongle-this is a proprietary accessory exclusive to Fitbit so there is a downside of not having the options to charge via your other charging cords such as a Smartphone MicroUSB.

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              HEART RATE

              We can’t really discuss the Fitbit Charge HR without discussing the upgraded feature that sets this fitness tracker apart from previous models (Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Force).

              The Charge HR automatically turns on as soon as you put the device on so you don’t have to fiddle around with ensuring you are tracking your current heart rate.  You will notice the green LED lights flashing ensuring your fitness tracker is hard at work gathering your latest HR data.

              Like most optical heart rate fitness trackers, you will notice some fluctuations during intensive workouts and receive a more stable reading during resting periods.

              For those users that like to switch up their activities to include everything from HITT training, running, cardiovascular physical activityTrusted Fitbit Charge HR Reviews, the Fitbit Charge HR senses sessions automatically.  This allows the Charge HR to record average and peak heart rate data for each session that gets synced with the Fitbit App.

              Once you set up your individual profile in the Fitbit app which is customized per your personalized variables, the Fitbit Charge HR will be able to guide you during physical activity sessions to ensure you are performing at optimal heart rate levels or “burn zones”.  These are ideal whether you are exercising outside or on a traditional elliptical/stationary bike in the gym.

              The burn zones are color coded on the Charge HR and organized per the following three levels:

              1. Yellow: Fat-burning
              2. Orange: Cardiovascular
              3. Red: Peak Performance

              Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate Fitbit Charge HR’s built in accelerometer and barometer for increased accuracy in recording your various activities, whether that be counting steps, stairs climbed, or differentiate between running and just a brisk walk.

              LET’S GET SOCIAL

              We have all been in the middle of a workout or jogging through the park when we feel the vibration of a notification on our smartphone.  Whether it be an email, text, or phone call coming through, it certainly can break the concentration of a focused session.

              If you are like most folks, it is human nature to be curious what we missed so we find ourselves opening our smartphone to see that it was just another marketing email from your local department store about upcoming sales offers.

              The Fitbit Charge can relieve some of this disconnected Social anxiety by providing incoming call notifications only.  By syncing to your smartphone, you can simply look at your wrist and have peace of mind that nothing is more important at the time than getting the most out of your fitness activity. The Fitbit Charge HR only supports incoming calls.

              If you are looking for increased social connectivity that includes text and email, then you will need to check out other fitness tracker models such as the Fitbit Blaze which offers a color touchscreen and connected GPS.  The Fitbit Blaze offers notifications such as calls, text, calendar events and push notifications from email.




              If you are looking for an entry level fitness tracker with heart rate monitor for under $100, then the Fitbit Charge HR could be the perfect fit for your needs.  The design is simplistic and unobtrusive compared to other bulkier models in the market place.  If you are looking for a well-developed support system of apps for an individualized experience, the Fitbit Charge HR has you covered.

              There are not all the bells and whistles on this model as other Fitbit fitness trackers in the wide range on offer, so it is always good to evaluate what is important to you and match the wearable device to your needs.

              Are you interested in more information on Fitbit’s Fitness Tracker Reviews, News, and Latest Trends?  Check out I Wear the Tech… We find Technology that Fits YOU!

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