FitBit Blaze

FitBit Blaze

Overall Rating



    • Stylish, Comfortable design
    • IOS and Android compatible
    • Easy to read display; good-looking accessories
    • Battery can last over 4 days


    • Like most fitness trackers, Blaze is not waterproof
    • No GPS without your smartphone
    • Heart Rate Tracker not as accurate as higher models

    As one of the most popular fitness tracker companies out there, FitBit keeps everyone on their toes, and now they’ve come back with an entirely new look, with the Fitbit Blaze. This fitness tracker or shall I say, “fitness watch” has the fitness tracking functionality users have come to love from FitBit and expect, but is packed with more advanced FitBit features this go-around.

    The Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker is FitBit’s first attempt at making an everyday smartwatch, which also moonlights as a fitness tracker. Ready to figure out if this is the right “fitness tracker plus smartwatch” for you? Keep reading this review!

    FitBit Blaze: Design Review

    Best Fitbit Blaze ReviewsThe display of the FitBit Blaze fitness tracker is an ultra-thin and light black plastic square which snaps into a stainless steel frame. The FitBit Blaze is a comfortable fitness tracker to wear all throughout the day. A big plus is that additional metal and leather straps are available for purchase to take your look from day-to-night too. The FitBit Blaze base model already comes with an elastomer sports strap, and fitness tracker fashionistas can pick black, blue or plum as additional band color selections to customize the fitness tracker.

    FitBit probably tried to make the overall look of the FitBit Blaze fitness tracker attractive, but unfortunately, they fell short. This 80’s looking watch has a clunky feel we aren’t used to in 2016 — but does have the same look as the Apple smartwatch, for comparison.

    The panel is a touch screen with a 1.25-inch 16 color display. You can control different options by swiping the screen and there are buttons on the side of the screen to be used when fingers are too wet from sweat. The left button is to be used as the back key and right buttons are used for option selections.

    What’s great, is that the Blaze will recognize when the FitBit is now in use, and will go into power saving mode and screen will go black. There are some responsive issues when you want to turn the FitBit Blaze back on or see the time, using the “flick your wrist” method, it won’t always recognize that command. If that happens you can still tap the screen to bring the FitBit Blaze back to life and be back in business.

    On the display of the FitBit Blaze, you just see the basics. You see that day’s stats, exercise options, alarms, FitStar (more on this later!), and finally the Settings.

    Fitbit Blaze: Features Review

    The FitBit Blaze is similar to the FitBit Charge HR but includes an OLED screen, more enhanced notifications, and guided workouts.

    Main Features (some expected, some new!):

    •  Tracks steps
      ●    Calories burned
      ●    Number of stairs climbed
      ●    Length of active time
      ●    Resting heart rate (HR)
      ●    Sleep quality- shows amount of sleep, restfulness and awake time
      ●    Smart functions of the screen: Receive texts, shows incoming calls, calendar reminders, and managing music playback
      ●    Several sports modes, these are used to track specific exercises using the built-in heart rate (HR) monitor. FitBit Blaze has dedicated options for running, cycling, weights, treadmill, elliptical and open workout
      ●    Guided fitness workouts with FitStar
      ●    Map runs, but must be used in conjunction with carrying your smartphone for GPS capabilities

    FitStar is one of the biggest features of FitBit Blaze and has three guided basic fitness tracking sessions that are used with the watch, letting you leave your smartphone at home.  The fitness sessions are:

    • Warm up and cool down
    • 7 Minute Workout
    • 10 Minute Abs

    Honestly, these pre-installed workout sessions are way too basic, you may want to look at the two stand-alone apps-FitStar Personal Trainer and FitStar Yoga.  When in use you will see timers and instructions on the fitness watch for what to do.

    What’s missing from the FitBit Blaze?
    ●    The lack of GPS on the fitness tracker
    ●    Silent alarm

    These features aren’t necessities, definitely more niceties. The silent alarm is a great feature in many other fitness trackers used to wake you up at the “best time”.  And the GPS can be used if you bring your phone along with you, which we find that most people do anyways.

    Fitbit Blaze: The App Review

    The FitBit Blaze uses the same app from all Fitbit’s, which has developed into one of the strongest fitness tracking apps we’ve ever reviewed. The fitness tracking app is packed with user challenges, nutritional tracking, goal badges and is still well laid out and easy to use.  There was a recent update to the fitness tracker app, which makes the stats even easier to see and review.

     Best Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch Reviews

    The main screen of the FitBit app shows fitness tracker stats for the day, and you can dive into each fitness tracker stat for an overall view from a day-to-day performance basis. The heart rate (HR) score is a great metric to see how your resting heart rate changes over time, as you are hopefully getting fitter using one of the FitBit fitness trackers.

    The FitBit app has always been a strong selling feature for all FitBit fitness trackers.  It is easy to use, consistent across fitness trackers and shares enough data to know where you stand, without oversharing.

    Fitbit Blaze: Battery Review

    Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch Unbiased ReviewsFitbit says you can have five days of life out of the FitBit Blaze, which has shown to be spot on regardless of feature usage and amount of smart notifications. Five days is comparable to other fitness trackers, so this is a positive attribute for us. The FitBit Blaze is not waterproof, and should be removed before showering and swimming.

    The charger for the FitBit Blaze is pretty awkward. There is a little cradle you stick the FitBit Blaze into after you take it out of the band. A charger clip would be ideal for this model fitness tracker!

    The FitBit Blaze is a well-rounded fitness tracker that is ideal for beginners or casual fitness pursuits. For those looking for more fitness stats and tracker metrics, look elsewhere! And to sum up the main question, is this a smartwatch?  We say it is a smartwatch in looks only, in the end, it’s just a fitness tracker. Don’t expect the features of the FitBit Blaze to compare to the Apple smartwatch.

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