Fitbit Alta Review

Fitbit Alta Review

Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta

Overall Rating



    • Great Battery Life
    • Fashionable Design
    • Lightweight


    • No GPS
    • Doesn’t count floors
    • No Heart Rate Monitor

    FitBit is known for a variety of FitBit models, yet many of them aren’t considered fashion forward, per se. That has changed!

    With the launch of Alta, FitBit is breaking into a different market who is interested in a well-rounded tracker and looks great from business to cocktail hour. FitBit remains a top wearable and one of the most popular brands out there.

    However, does the FitBit Alta really meet the needs of those fashion-forward-fitness 20-something’s who want form AND function?

    Keep reading to find out!

    Fitbit Alta Design 

    With this fashion-forward fitness tracker, style seemed to be at the forefront, so it has a little less functionality than the FitBit Surge and FitBit Charge HR.

    The FitBit Alta has a small 128-by-36-pixel, 1.4-inch OLED notification screen, which sits in the middle of a slim, 14mm wide band. The Alta has no buttons on the screen; you turn it on by raising your wrist or by tapping the top of the strap.fitbit-alta-review-design

    The Alta band comes in three sizes to fit wrists of 14–17cm, 17–20.6cm and 20.6–23.6cm. The band is quick-release and removable from the screen so that you can use different accessories depending on your outfit! To switch your FitBit Alta band, you push and slide the screen out! Super easy. The clasp on the band is also easy to close, unlike the FitBit Flex.

    The classic FitBit Alta model is rubber, with band colors of black, blue, plum and teal. If you want to upgrade to have greater selection, you have the option of blush pink leather, graphite leather, and stainless steel, to name a few!

    The Alta is found to be a comfortable, lightweight fitness tracker – after a while, you even forget it is on your wrist!

    Fitbit Alta Features 

    The FitBit Alta has all of the typical features you’ve come to expect from FitBit:

    • Tracks your steps
    • Calculates number of active minutes
    • Provides total number of calories burned
    • Distance
    • Tracks sleep – Automatically! No need to tell it.
    • Workout Tracking – the device will automatically detect when performing high-intensity fitness activities.

    Fitbit Alta trusted ReviewsWhat’s nice with the FitBit Alta is that you can check your daily progress using the screen on the band, you simply tap the screen to see the stats. From the FitBit App you can pick what “watch face” you’d like to have on your band, there are ten total views – five vertical and five horizontal clock options. It is easier to see information using the vertical view.



    What’s missing in the Alta that you might want?

    • GPS Tracking
    • # of Floors Climbs
    • Heart Rate Monitor

    These features are for the more advanced fitness goers. For example, being from Colorado, I love hiking and seeing the number of “floors” I climbed after a particularly vertical hike!

    Fitbit Alta Notifications 

    In what seems to be a trend, the notifications from the Alta aren’t as good as fellow “smart” FitBit devices. The FitBit will buzz, and the notification will show up on your screen when you get a call, text, calendar notification or when your silent alarm goes off in the morning. I guess, better than nothing!  But you’ll only be able to read short text messages, longer ones do get cut off, and unfortunately there are no social media notifications on this FitBit! So you’ll essentially be “disconnected” from the world if you don’t have your smartphone on hand.

    One neat reminder is every hour you’ll be notified to move 250 steps, to accomplish some mini goals! As someone who hardly moves during the day, and stuck behind a desk – these are appreciated. You can customize how often you are notified, and what the goal is too.
    The last real notification is an image of a “dead battery” on the screen of the Alta when it’s time for a charge!

    Fitbit Alta The App 

    As with all FitBit models, they all use the same app – which is a huge benefit. The FitBit app is one of the most robust apps on the market, and easiest to use too. The Fitbit Alta trusted Reviewsapp is packed with challenges to compete with friends, goal badges, and nutritional and exercise tracking.

    To view your daily stats, you see that upon entering the App right away, so you can see how the day is measuring up. You can also dig into each stat too.  If you want to look at your steps per day, to see how you’ve done for the week, you can easily see that.  OR you can even scroll through all days to see how you’ve measured up since the day you got your FitBit!

    FitBit Alta Battery & Charging

    FitBit says that the battery for the Alta should last about five days, which is consistent with any FitBit model with a screen. And we’ve found that number of days to be pretty exact, if not under! We’ve seen reports of many Alta’s having 7+ days of battery life!

    The FitBit Alta is not waterproof, while you can wear it while sweating and in the rain – don’t test the waters by wearing it in the pool or shower!

    Again, as with most FitBit models, they all have completely different chargers. Which is annoying as most of my friends have FitBit’s, but we all seem to have different ones! The Alta charger has a clamp that connects to the back of the module and is easy enough to use.

    All in all, big fan of the FitBit Alta. Sure it lacks some advanced features, but for those casual steppers wanting a band they feel comfortable wearing all day and looks great, while still get decently robust tracking — this is an excellent tracker and comes at a good price.

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