Explore Real Time Gaming Experience with the Best Virtual Reality Headsets

Explore Real Time Gaming Experience with the Best Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality used to involve large and bulky machinery and equipment, making it highly expensive and inaccessible to most gamers. However, the development of compact and handy virtual reality headsets has made it possible for every gamer to enhance their gaming experience anywhere.

Here are some of the best virtual reality headsets to consider if you are looking for the right device to enhance your gaming experience in real-time:

  • Playstation VR – The new motherlode of the gaming systems for the masses.  There are over 46 million PS4 users that will be driving a demand for new, fresh, and exciting virtual reality content for this system that is currently unrivaled in the marketplaces.Playstation Virtual Reality Reviews

Currently priced at under $400 for the basis system and bundled at around $550, this system also now offers high quality resolution and interactive VR experience with easy set up for current PS4 users.

If you are either a hardcore gamer or a weekend warrior with the kids-this product fits the bill as a great upgrade to the PS4 system.  Stay tuned for more articles on this product in the coming months from us.

  • Samsung Gear – A lot of users who have tried the Samsung Gear virtual reality system referred to the experience as ‘awesome’ thrill!samsung-gearvr-2015-1

Being easy to use, and, in some cases, bundled with smart devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the Gear is able to appeal not only to young gamers, but also to the older generation who are open to improving their entertainment experience with a touch of virtual reality.

Samsung Gear is favored for its reasonable price, the light and comfortable headset, and high-quality build, which is considered better than other entry-level HMDs.

  • Oculus Rift – Despite the expensive price, Oculus Rift provides an impressive spatial and visual, audio VR experience with its comfortable, light, and sleek headset design, well-designed integrated 3D audio capable headphones.oculus-rift-dk2

The Rift also has a compact headset-tracking camera, which can be mounted to a pole or PC monitor. Avid PC gamers and many Windows users may find it easy to set up and configure, but it may not be the most user-friendly virtual reality headset for non-gamers.

  • HTC Vive – With hand controllers and sub-millimeter tracking precision, the HTC Vive enables almost manipulation of room-scale VR-simulated landscapes, worlds, enclosed and open simulation environments, personas and characters, and many different VR objects.HTC Vive Reviews

Likewise, it enables an almost free-roaming 3D user experience, making it the world’s premier VR system to date.

The HTC Vive has come down in price to between $600-$950 depending on your bundle since the initial release. Shopping around on this VR product provides even greater value for consumers looking for incredible resolution and a virtual reality experience they will never forget.

There are many products in the pipeline for release such as the Microsoft HoloLens which is currently available for preorder for developers for around $3000 shipping in November.  This product is not available for consumer use currently but we will keep you updated as a possible release date next year may be announced.Microsoft Hololens | Virtual Reality Reviews

There is a Kickstarter campaign for the MVR Ascend scheduled for release July 2017.  The Ascend will allow users to move between PS4 and Xbox platforms with the use of your Android phone for PS4 and MVR Ascend’s own screen (S1) for Xbox. Acsend MVR | Virtual Reality News and Reviews

We have many new reviews and articles on virtual reality in the works over the coming weeks for the best deals in the marketplace.  So keep an eye out for the latest in news and information regarding this exciting platform.

You can learn more about the best virtual reality headsets by reading reviews them online, but be sure to look up a reliable source that specializes in offering expert and reliable insights and reviews on the latest wearable tech products.

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