Check Out the Best Reviews on Fitbit Blaze

Check Out the Best Reviews on Fitbit Blaze

If you have been searching for a short summary of the good, the bad, and the bottom line about Fitness Blaze, look no further we have put together the basics on functionality, Fitbit blaze reviews and featuresfeatures, and tech.

All in all, Fitbit Blaze is a fantastic product with a comfortable design for most users. It features a large and easily readable display, great-looking accessories, and a solid 4-day battery life. It comes with Fitstar workouts which is great if you would like predetermined customized workouts-feels like having a personal fitness trainer on your wrist!

It also works with both Android phones and iPhones which sets it apart from some of the competitors that are exclusive to one mobile platform or the other.

But this wearable tech gadget also has a number of disadvantages. It’s design is a bit too wide for some users and the pop-out design for charging and swapping bans feels somewhat clunky sometimes. And then there’s the fact that you can’t wear it in the shower which is a feature that would be greatly appreciated any gym junkie.

Fitbit Blaze | Wearable technology News and ReviewsA bit of history-Fitbit Blaze was first marketed as a formidable Apple Watch competitor that is $150 cheaper—and in many ways, it does give Apple a run for its money. It has an exciting color touchscreen, fitness-tracking features, notifications, and a very impressive battery life lasting 4 to 5 days. Fitbit even calls Blaze its most stylish product yet. The interchangeable bands (metal and leather) certainly make it stylish.

But if you are expecting Blaze to have as many features as best smartwatch for android, you are in for disappointment. Fitbit Blaze—though it’s called a smartwatch—is still primarily a fitness device comparable to the Surge line from the same brand, except a lot more fashionable.

Our experts have done a comprehensive review on this very subject: FitBit Blaze Fitness Tracker Review:  Or is it a Smartwatch?

It’s a superb fitness tracker but doesn’t always measure up in comparison to other smartwatches in terms of feel and features. But for around $200-you will have a hard time beating the price for an entry level smartwatch.

And so the overall verdict is mixed depending on your personal requirements for a fitness tracker.  If you like the design, dual compatibility capability and Fitstar-this could be the one for you!

Fitbit Blaze is a great smartwatch that gets plenty of things right—including price, comfort, and features. is a fantastic website to visit if you are looking for unbiased reviews on Fitbit Blaze as well as other fitness trackers and smartwatches.

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