Best Fitness Tracker Bands to Help You Plan and Accomplish Your Health Goals—Fitbit Alta & Jawbone UP3, UP4?

Best Fitness Tracker Bands to Help You Plan and Accomplish Your Health Goals—Fitbit Alta & Jawbone UP3, UP4?

Fitness trackers provide an easier and more convenient way to track your progress towards a healthier lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals. There are a multitude of different fitness trackers on the market today, but you should go for only the best that suits your lifestyle and your unique requirements.

The best fitness tracker bands can track more than the steps and the distance you travel. Many of them can count the number of calories you burn in every physical activity or exercise type and there are certain models that can track your sleep and heart rate which is a cool bonus.

Alta by FitBit

Fitbit Alta ReviewsFor the style-conscious, FitBit Alta is a well-rounded fitness tracker band that looks great with its small and sleek 1.4-inch, 128 x 36-pixel OLED notification screen, which serves as the centerpiece of the 14mm-wide slim band.

The absence of buttons on the screen provides a cleaner and seamless look. To turn on the screen, simply tap the top of the strap or raise your wrist.
Alta comes with interchangeable straps, but beyond looks, this Fitbit device offers useful features like step tracking, the ability to calculate the number of active minutes and distance, and sleep tracking. It can track your workout and the number of calories burned, too, and its battery should last about five or more days.

One of the most practical features is the Alta’s compatibility with iPhone, Android and Windows Phones, unlike some fitness tracker models that are tied to one mobile platform or the other.  This versatility in functionality helps to future proof the device if you decide to switch phones without losing your Alta in the process. This Fitbit model does also connect via Bluetooth 4.0 which is handy.

UP3 by Jawbone

Jawbone UP3 ReviewsUP3 is another stylish fitness tracker band with a watch-like band in elegant colors. The band also features a unique side-sliding mechanism which our reviewer really liked when she tested the device for convenience and function.

The UP3 has improved sensors, it can easily track your distance traveled, steps, calories burned, and determine when you are working out. It will ask you to confirm if you have worked out, too.

This was the first Jawbone model in this range to have a heart rate sensor that tracks resting heart rate.

Jawbone UP3 can track your sleep intelligently with REM and sleep cycle detection. A silent alarm ensures you will wake up at the right moment in your sleep cycle, so you can feel more refreshed. UP3 comes with a heart rate sensor and a feature that alerts you if you have been inactive for a while.

UP4 by Jawbone

Jawbone UP4 ReviewsThis is the latest model in the UP range that contains all the features you will find in the previous models UP2 and UP3 with a few upgrades and design changes.

The main design change is the hook and eye clasp rather than the UP3’s side sliding mechanism.  The underside of the UP4 contains all five magnetic nodes that include 5 bio-impedance sensors.  These sensors get your pulse like how a gym treadmill’s handlebars would rather than optically.

The sensors essentially rely on a small electrical current measuring resistance to calculate heart’s BPM (beats per minute).  So if you are happy with the rate when using cardio machines at the gym, this could be the tracker for you.

The UP4 can also process certain NFC transactions the same as your credit card (except Amex) at the shops which is handy if you don’t want to carry your wallet to pick up an energy drink on the go or after a run.

The battery life is longer and estimates are around 7 days which is an improvement from 5 days estimated for the UP3 model.

Is the UP4 worth the extra price compared with the UP3?  That is a personal choice depending on what functionalities you are after and the type of heart rate sensor technology is right for you.

As of publication, there is not a huge difference with UP4 around $90 vs UP3 at just under $60, so if you don’t need the NFC and want to save $30, then UP3 is a good choice.  But if you are always wanting the latest model and improved functionality the UP4 would be the preferred option.

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