Amazon Echo How-To-Guide: Simple Out-of-the-Box Set-up

Amazon Echo How-To-Guide: Simple Out-of-the-Box Set-up

You have your Amazon Echo and want an easy Set-Up Guide to get going? 

We have outlined the basics to get you started using your Smart Tech Home Assistant with ease.

Whether you are just planning to buy an Amazon Echo, give one as a gift, or just doing research on what to expect-this Amazon Echo How-To-Guide is for YOU!

One of the best features of Amazon Echo’s Alexa is she learns from you.  The more questions you ask and customization you create, the more Alexa gets to know your personal preferences, likes/dislikes.

We will show you How-To-Get Started and then the world of Amazon’s Alexa is ready for your to explore.  Whether you need to order an Uber, convert measurement from a recipe in the kitchen, or get the latest sports results from your favorite team: Alexa’s voice command system will deliver fast and reliable results without lifting a finger.


Excited?  Let’s Get Started!

Amazon Alexa Echo How To Guide | Set Up Guide Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Set-Up: Download the Amazon Alexa App

Before you even open the Amazon Echo box, the first thing you need to do is to download the Amazon Alexa App from the App store based on your Smartphone or Computer Operating System.

You have the choice of downloading:

  1. Apple version (IOS) or
  2. Android version for your Smartphone

Once you have downloaded the Amazon Alexa app, wait to launch the application, we will let you know when to perform that step.

Amazon Echo How To Guide | How to set up Amazon Echo

Plug in the Amazon Echo:

The Blue Indicator ring at the top of the Amazon Echo.  This controls the volume for the unit and you want to turn it counter clock wise immediately to lower the volume.  The Amazon Echo ships at 100% volume so this step is essential.

Now that you are plugged in and lowered the volume, the Amazon Echo will start flashing blue but eventually turning orange.  The orange color means the Amazon Echo is ready to for you to input your home Wi-Fi Network configuration.  (That is the next step)

If you aren’t quick enough the Echo will start flashing purple-if this happens, then you need to press the Echo’s Action Button (the button on the right in the photo, opposite the mute button) for five seconds until it turns orange again.

The Amazon Echo requires a Wi-Fi connection to operate, so any voice commands will not work until we complete this initial Set-Up.


Get out your Smartphone:

While the Amazon Echo is flashing orange you need to open up your Wi-Fi settings in your Smartphone (the same step whether you have an Apple or Android Smartphone).

Amazon Alexa Set Up | How To Guide

Here’s an easy way to set this up-First your Smartphone:

  1. Now Launch your Alexa app on your Smartphone
  2. Open the left navigation panel
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Select your device (Smartphone)
  5. Now Select “Update Wi-Fi
  6. If you are adding a new device to your Wi-Fi for the first time, Select “Set Up a New Device”
  7. If you purchased your Amazon Echo on your Amazon Account-it should read “Your name’s Echo” and you can select that option

Now go to your Amazon Echo device:

  1. Press and Hold the “Action Button” (the one we showed you opposite the mute button)
  2. Hold Action Button down for 5 seconds
  3. Light ring at the top of the Echo changes to Orange
  4. Your Smartphone should connect to the Echo
  5. You should now see available Wi-Fi Networks to select from in the Alexa App
  6. If your Smartphone requires you to manually connect to Wi-Fi, follow next steps
  7. Select Wi-Fi Network
  8. Enter security password
  9. If you don’t see your Wi-Fi network: Select ”Add a network” or “Rescan”
  10. Select “Connect” and you should receive a confirmation message

Now there is a great optional step that you can take if you plan to have multiple Amazon Alexa devices (Echo, Dot, Tap):

  1. Save your Wi-Fi passwords to Amazon during set-up and they will appear when you connect any new Amazon Alexa devices.
  2. Input your Amazon account login credentials
  3. Agree to Amazon Alexa T&C’s

You Are Ready to Go! Now the Fun Parts of Amazon Alexa!

The Amazon Echo, Dot, and Tap all work off Amazon Alexa.  The Echo is pre-programmed to have a “watch word” of “Alexa”.  This is basically a command word the device recognizes to be on alert for your voice commands.

You will notice that whenever you say the word “Alexa”, the Blue ring on top of the Amazon Echo will begin spinning and eventually pointing toward your voice depending on where you are located in relation to the Echo.

Once the Amazon Echo recognizes your voice command “watch word”, the Echo is ready for your instructions.

An example of this is: “Alexa, What time is it in Dallas, Texas right now?”

Alexa will recognize that you have alerted her with the watch word and have inquiry of a geographical time.  Alexa will respond with the local time in Dallas, Texas.

There are many more advanced features, but this basic inquiry demonstrates the process.

After testing the Amazon Echo, there is one command that will be very handy if you are doing a large volume of web searches.  Just like on your Smartphone Siri, Cortana, or OK Google voice searches, Alexa will read back to you search result excerpts.

If this happens and you have the information you need, just say “Alexa, Stop” and the Amazon Echo will stop whatever function Alexa is performing.

amazon echo customization guide | Amazon Alexa How To Guide

Customizing Amazon Echo For YOU!

If you have mastered “chatting” with Alexa using voice commands for searches, you may want to customize your Amazon Echo experience tailored for your personal interests.

When you ask Alexa for the local weather, you may have certain sites that you prefer to get your latest updates and information.

This also applies to your news queries: For example, if you ask “Alexa, what is my local news today?”, do you want Alexa to open the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, USA Today, or just Google News?

How to customize Amazon Echo Experience Using the Alexa App?

  1. Open Alexa App on your Smartphone
  2. Navigate to Main Menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Scroll to “Account” Section
  5. Select Customization Option (Music, Flash Briefing, Sports Update, Traffic Updates etc.)
  6. Turn On/Off Popular Sources according to YOUR preferences (eg. for music: Pandora)

We hope you have gained valuable information in the How-To-Set-Up Amazon Echo Out-of -the-Box and the Amazon Alexa App. 

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