Amazfit’s Equator and Moonbeam – High Fashion Activity & Sleep Tracking Unisex Pendlets

Amazfit’s Equator and Moonbeam – High Fashion Activity & Sleep Tracking Unisex Pendlets

Amazfit Activity + Sleep tracker

Amazfit Activity + Sleep tracker

Overall Rating



    • Comfortable, lightweight, beautiful slim design
    • Impressive battery life
    • Ceramic material hypoallergenic


    • Syncing connectivity can be slow
    • App could integrate increased functionality

    Amazfit’s Equator and Moonbeam – High Fashion Activity & Sleep Tracking Unisex PendletsAmazfit Moon Beam and equator Review

    Xiaomi’s new joint venture investment powered smart fashion device brand, Amazfit is aggressively pushing forward into the newly emerging category of high fashion, luxury smart wearables.

    Two new Amazfit activity and sleep trackers, named Equator and Moonbeam, respectively, follow in the footsteps of the Ringly Aries bracelet, but with a pretty ingenious form and function twist that very likely will necessitate the creation of a new fusion product category name worthy of so many Hollywood celebrity couples. . . .

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    Come to think of it, why didn’t ol’ school movie stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton have a fusion name? Perhaps the media missed the boat decades ago on “Elizachard” or “Richabeth.” Oh well, I guess we now know why those two fusion appellations not only did not stick, but were thankfully never even created in the first place. Obviously, Richard and Elizabeth ‘did not do’ social media and they did not do early 21st century Hollywood fusion names. Tisk tisk, tis’ their eternal loss, not yours. . . .

    So, pardon the brain freeze, peeps, but I am going to invent a new word that is worthy of Amazfit’s new wearables product category, which I shall term the “Pendlet.”

    The reason you’ve never heard of a pendlet before is because they’ve never really existed on this planet before the Xiaomi Amazit Equator and Moonbeam.

    You see, folks, a pendlet is a combination pendant and bracelet, PEND + LET, the pendlet. How such a simple, appropriately descriptive product category marketing tag line for these amazingly versatile little wearable luxury tchotchkes was missed by everyone still baffles me. . . . Professor Marketing to the rescue!

    In keeping with the Chinese cultural theme of this new product line that so resembles a modern ceramic version of an ancient jade donut (or moon dial) piece of jewelry, let’s recall that the Chinese character for opportunity is 机会 (Jīweì). People, it is never a good idea to miss a golden opportunity to add to the human language. Ergo, the invention of the pendlet, courtesy of a well-timed brain flash of form & function wearables industry innovation from Xiaomi’s Amazfit team.

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    Amazfit Moon Beam and equator ReviewAmazfit states that the Equator and Moonbeam can be worn as a pendant, and thus it is perfect for a variety of events where you need a little neckline splash dash of smart wearables flavor flavor or perhaps just a technology + fashion pick-me-up. From training to work to restaurant dinner outings to parties and special events, it just works as a fashion style piece.

    However, the elegantly unisex sleek bracelet form and a polished ceramic encased electronics centerpiece of the device can also be worn as a bracelet that surprisingly looks as masculine on a male wrist as it looks feminine on a female wrist, depending on your color choice, of course.
    As a matter of fact, we may need to get the sexes to agree on a social media hip descriptor that is suitably feminine, yet also muscularly masculine. I vote for the never-before-mentioned-in-one-breath, “adorably awesome-sauce cute bad boy.”

    All you have to do is switch out the ceramic smart core activity tracker for your attachment of choice and away to your next activity-tracking event you go in luxurious eye-catching style.

    To wit, an additionally attractive feature to this pendlet is that it also looks surprisingly great as a unisex sports band activity tracker with just the attachment of a smooth radius, pleasingly curved edged, thin and sport-iliciously sparkling colored silicone band surrounding the circular ceramic donut smart core.

    While there is admittedly no display, which does limit the overall function of Amazfit’s little switch-hitting wrist/neck device — especially if you have text notifications. The new IP68 waterproof (a.k.a. splashproof), donut-shaped, hypoallergenic, near diamond or sapphire hardness qualified, ceramic smart core of both the Equator and the Moonbeam does integrate into a tiny jewelry style package a Bluetooth 4.0 chip and a 15mAh battery.

    The Amazfit offers 10 days of battery life per charge in super sleek and bantam weight luxury neck or wrist bauble that weighs only 7 ounces of fresh jewelry — if, of course, you can live without a neck or wrist display for a few ten thousand milliseconds each day.

    The device works on your smartphone downloaded Xiaomi MiFit app to give you the ability to track and record your steps, distance covered, and calories burned. You can also use it to track your sleep quality. And last, but certainly not least, it offers incoming call vibration alerts.

    Amazfit Moon Beam and equator Review

    A Joint Venture Startup High Fashion Wearables Brand. Though only a two-year old startup wearables brand funded by venture capital and investment firms, Banyan Capital, Mi, Morningside Ventures, Sequoia, and Shunwei, this new product line is actually made by Huami, the exclusive manufacturer of wearables technologies for Xiaomi.

    The Mi brands have sold more than 25 million units over the last few years. Huami previously partnered with Xiaomi to design, manufacture and introduce to the market the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and the Mi Band Pulse.

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    Both the Equator and Moonbeam pendlets are generally available now, with MSRPs of USD79.99. Just don’t go inputting the newly invented word, “pendlet” into your favorite search engine until it starts trending inside the big data filled cavernous data centers of the hyperscale IT giants who are so busy bee occupied with search engine optimizing (or distorting, depending on your party persuasion) the entire human form of expression during this political season.

    I’m outta here. I gotta go see how quickly today’s search engines can integrate the word “pendlet” into their databases – ‘cuz if Xiaomi’s Amazfit brand smartly piggybacks on this up and coming category marketing tagline, it’ll be trending baby – just give it 12 months and a splash of a cash for a highly polished, switch-hitting ceramic smart core!

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