Gone are the days of smelling like a gym sock after a tough workout, Ably Apparel was recently launched as a means to combat this problem. Every yogi’s dream! Ably was co-founded by industry vets, brothers Raj and Akhil Shah, along with Stanley Hainsworth, former creative director at NIKE, Lego, and Starbucks.albysmartclothes

A Kickstarter campaign was started on May 5th with a goal of $20,000, as of today they have raised over $436K, exceeding their goal in less than 24 hours! This company fits a particular need that gym-goers everywhere have dreamed of, being less smelly. The results of this Kickstarter campaign certainly point to that. Ably claims that you can go to the gym, then dinner and even straight into a two-week trip without ever changing your shirt. This apparel will still look and stay fresh after weeks of continuous wear.

Ably’s clothing is activated through Filium, a proprietary, patent-pending technology. This eco-friendly technology turns natural fabrics into water-shedding, stain-resisting, odor-refusing fabric without sacrificing breathability or comfort. Ably began as a passion project to show how Filium can make clothing more convenient and sustainable for today’s buyers, revolutionizing the textile industry.

ablysmartapparelWith Ably, you can sweat buckets but still come away from your workout or activity feeling fresh and ready for the next item on your agenda. Well, your clothing will feel fresh – you may want to freshen up your hair and makeup if you are planning a date night!

It’s worth noting, that is isn’t your sweat that makes clothing stink. It is the bacteria that grows when sweat soaks into your fabric. Since Filium repels liquid, sweat evaporates through the breathable fabric leaving your clothes smelling fresh even after a hard workout. Put an Ably shirt in a bucket of water and it will still get wet like a regular shirt, but since the fabric repels water, it dries up 40% faster than clothing without Filium.

While Ably is using this technology for athletic and casual wear, Filium can be utilized in any type of clothing, for many types of industries. This hi-tech wearable technology can revolutionize the uniform industry from hospital scrubs to chef wear. Very powerful for those who tend to get dirty in their profession. Anyone who wears a uniform will potentially benefit from this technology.

And not just uniforms! Pay attention all you busy moms out there, imagine cutting down on 50% of your laundry? Kids have an amazing ability to be clumsy and get dirty fast! With this technology, your kids can wear the same clothes week after week! Not that they want to, but it is possible!

ablystainresistantclothesWhat about all you world travelers and backpackers? You can travel for a two-week trip with just the clothes on your back! This will save on laundry costs, baggage costs and not to mention the convenience of packing light.

Environmentally conscious folks stand up, with Ably you can make a nice dent in your carbon footprint. You do this through less laundry, not to mention the Filium technology is produced according to bluesign® standards for sustainable materials and production. This process is safe for people and the planet.

Currently, products are not available to buy online, but you can pre-order on Kickstarter. The available products are The Pocket Tee, The V-Neck, and The Hoodie, available in different colors and sizes for men and women.

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