The 10 by 10 Files — 10 Father’s Day Wearables Gifts for 10 Types of Dads

by John Del Favero | June 17, 2016 2:59 pm

R U looking for a great Father’s Day gift for that special someone in your family’s life?

Whether your place in the home is mom, daughter, son, in-law, caregiver, or even the gift-giving family pet/s, here are ten (10) smart wearable gift ideas that will put a sparkle in the eyes of the dad in your life. So no matter what type of dad makes your life special – from social media connected hipster dads to polar opposite dads who simply want the proverbial, “peace and quiet instead of a tie clip would be nice this year” type of dad,[1] has got your back.

Choose Your Dad Type

healthy dad[7]
Peace & Quiet Dad[8]
Hipster Dad[9]
Quirky Dad[11]


Honey-Do-List Dad


RYOBI Phone Works + Phone Works Noise Suppressing Earphones with Microphone: $20 for the Noise Suppressing Earphones or $375 for the entire product bundle that includes the Inspection Camera ($100), IR Thermometer ($50), Moisture Meter $30), Stud Finder ($20), Laser Distance Measurer ($80), Laser Level ($40), Laser ($15), and Storage Case ($20) @

For all of you who have handy dandy, “honey-do-list” dads with a bevy of unfinished projects every week, make dad’s life easier and more enjoyable by gift-leading him to home improvement, landscaping, and garage nirvana with Ryobi’s OSHA compliant, Noise Suppressing Earphones. This is the gift that keeps on giving, as it will take the lead in protecting dad’s hearing as he prematurely ages from all that honey-do-list work.

These bad boys will turn every one of dad’s construction, repair, maintenance, and home and car glitch finding job a much quieter and less stressful endeavor. Ryobi hit the spot by focusing on suppressing noises above 82 decibels and allowing dad to use the smartphone in his construction jeans digital device holster to manage the noise levels to his liking via the Ryobi Phoneworks app. Pair these noise suppressors with a toolkit of smart tools he can deftly manage with his smartphone or tablet and you are almost guaranteed to hit the “dad’s favorite” jackpot position on the totem pole of sibling rivalry. 
And for all of you who are stressing about dad’s reactions to this subtle gift hint about how far behind he is in checking off his honey-do-list, no worries. Just tell dad you got him the entire Ryobi Phone Works ensemble because they are righteously cute and you figured he’d look more handsome, powerful, and commanding with these noise-suppressing puppies on his noggin and a toolkit of sexy gray/green smart tools always at the ready.

Ryobi ES8000 Phone Works Noise Suppressing Earphones with Microphone by Ryobi[12]



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Hipster Dad


AMPL Smart Laptop Backpack With Built-in Battery: $249.00 for a 22 wH version or $499 for the fully loaded 154 wH pack @ or

AMPL Labs of San Diego, California, a 2015 CES Innovation Awards honoree and an Indiegogo campaign developer with over 1,000 sponsors, offers several attractive award level sponsorships via their Indiegogo campaign for a fab new smart backpack that can help dad power and protect all his gadgets on-the-go. Social media connected and Internet power user dads need almost constant juicing for constant connectivity. The AMPL Smart Backpack offers touch controls on the bag itself and communicates via Bluetooth LE with the AMPL Mobile App to allow dad to monitor battery levels to prioritize the charging playlist of smartphones, tablets, and devices connected to the bag’s expansion slot of scalable battery packs and electric inverters. Dad could control his juicing without even opening a zipper.

This smart bag’s exterior is encapsulated in a water resistant coating to help keep the rain away from your moisture sensitive connections to the world outside your bag. A lightweight shock-absorbing bottom sole minimizes the impact of dad’s occasional dropsies episodes on his devices, even protecting items as large as dad’s mondo 17” power use laptop.

Trust me, this bag is the equivalent to dressing your connected hipster dad in the social media generation equivalent to a James Bond Casino Royale tuxedo.

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Sporty Dad


Solos – World’s Most Technologically Advanced Smart Eyewear: $400 preorder @ Kickstarter or

Are you the wife or partner who wants a huge, comfortable hug from hubby? R U the kid who wants a little extra recognition as dad’s greatest single gamete and zygote celebrated genetic contribution to your neighborhood? Check out these futuristic cycling sunglasses with heads up and hands free augmented reality information streamed from dad’s sporty new Solos app directly to the most technologically advanced sports performance eyewear on planet earth.

Sporty dad can see his personal cycling and training data at-a-glance and in real-time, without ever moving his hands away from the handlebars or the sports task at hand. How great is that? The display is a pupil-scale and biometrically optimized optical module that sits in front of the military grade, Trivex® polymer sunglasses.

What does this mean to you, dad’s new hip-giving benefactor?

This means that you will have just given your pops some absolute state-of-the-art, eye socket rocket technology that will give the willies and goosebumps to hundreds of USAF F-22 Raptor pilots and tens of thousands of twinjet commercial airline pilots around the world who will then, every single one of them, in all likelihood, rip off their black leather aviator jacket in sheer sensual frustration and authonomically engage in “rits of fealous jage,” that newly minted social media redux celebration activity that reprises Inspector Clouseau at his best worst, or worst best, . . . well, you get the gist anyway.

As a note of caution, though, please realize that just as Maria Gambrelli was the compellingly attractive romantic focus of Clouseau’s rit of fealous jage, you may need to keep your dad indoors and away from any proximate single neighbors with wandering eyes, lonely hearts, and a garage full of electric cars. These eye socket rockets are just that sexy. We don’t want to cause any marital problems by giving dad something that’s just too damn attractive, do we now?

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Traveling Dad


Bluesmart One Carry On Case: $449.00 @

If you’ve got a traveling dad who logs a lot of miles in his career and vacation time, you need to deeply consider how grateful dad will be if you bequeath him with a 2016 model of the Bluesmart One Carry On Case with GPS location tracking. This is the unwearable that’s on this gift list because it will carry, protect, and charge dad’s valuable tech wearables that he takes on road trips.

Let’s face it, airline travel is so often a bum cattle ride these days, as we all know. Losing one’s check-in luggage is a mind-bending, maddening, and 110% frustrating experience that would even incite LeBron James to oh so cleverly pull more audaciously unsportsmanlike on-court, slam-the-defender-to-the-floor judo moves in total frustration with stifling defense and yet another long and winding NBA season in peril. This is exactly why carry-on cases have become so popular, almost mandatory for all travelers these days – just not the LeBron James part. However, just as LeBron James so desperately does not want to lose yet another NBA Championship, you don’t want dad to lose his business trip or vacation valuables, do you?