A record cold winter is just days away from slamming the North American continent and it’s time to get prepped now for the 10 best warm wearables tech gift ideas for you and your loved ones this holiday season.

absorb these three cold hard bullet point facts of life and fire up your cyber wallet to help your loved ones and yourself weather the freeze with warmth and grace this December through February.

The Farmer’s Almanac “forewarns that exceptionally cold, if not downright frigid weather will predominate over parts of the Northern Plains, Great Lakes, Midwest, Ohio Valley, the Middle Atlantic, Northeast, and New England this winter

Okay, forewarned is forearmed!

Here’s your warm wearables tech holiday gift list, in reverse 10 to 1 order. For a well advised immediate online shopping spree, just remember, when purchasing and prepping your warm wearables tech gifts for the holidays, check the lowest recommended operating condition temperatures for each gift you purchase.

Here we go!


Before you open your front door to brave the cheek-harsh gusts of sub-zero freeze, our number 10 gift item is all about the first principle of warm wearables tech gifts for this fast-approaching frigid winter is this: If you prep to smartly keep warm at home, you’re well on your way to prepping for comfortable, wholesomely thermoregulated body warmth as you brave the elements outdoors.

Warm home slippers are the first order of business, yes indeedy!

  • Volt Unisex Indoor Outdoor Heated Slippers (MSRP USD$149.95):
    • 3 to 10 hours of gentle, soothing foot and toe warmth;
    • Comfy memory foam cushion;
    • Thinsulate insulation traps the heat;
    • Includes two 3.7v 2000mah rechargeable lithium batteries, dual charger, wireless remote.


You’re not going outside with your battery electric heated slippers. So best to check out these battery electric heated socks to keep the winter chill a thousand miles away from your feet and toes in whatever frozen tundra you call home or during your dreamstylin’ vacay snow and cold laden destination this winter.

  • Nordic Gear Unisex Lectra Sox Electric Battery Heated Socks (MSRP USD$30):
    • Recessed heating element/s provide 6-8 hours of warmth;
    • Sock-attached battery pouch holds “D” cell batteries (not included);
    • Padded reinforced (17% wool blend) heel & toes helps focus heat on the toes;
    • Best to cycle the heat on and off – use only when feet and toes are cold.


Even if you’re sporting some mondo warm sock wearables tech, it’s a good idea to have a backup heat solution for your high value footsies. Ergo, battery electric heated insoles for your winter boots are number #8 on our warm wearables tech holiday gift list.

Check with the manufacturers to ensure there are no incompatibilities or dangers in wearing battery electric heated socks atop battery electric heated insoles inside your boots.

Also, it’s likely best to alternate their use to keep your feet and toes warm, rather than using both simultaneously and maxing out or exceeding the ability of your feet and toes to be optimally thermoregulated.

Switching and cycling the heat activation between the insoles and the socks would also likely help extend the heat life cycle of each foot warming solution, possibly doubling the nominal battery powered heating time of both the heated insoles and the heated socks.

ThermaCELL ProFLEX Heavy Duty Heated Insoles (MSRP USD$200):
• iOS and Android Bluetooth smartphone controlled heating with three settings (low @ 100 F, medium @ 110 F, and high @ 115 F);
• Quick Charge technology via 2 rechargeable lithium-ion polymer batteries (rechargeable 500 times), 1 smart charging case, 1 wall charger, and 1 USB cable;
• Footwear industry experts at SATRA tested these for 1 million steps (at 10,000 steps per mile, that’s good for one-hundred 5 mile walks);
• Fits men’s shoe sizes 3.5-13 and women’s shoe sizes 4.5-14, trimmable for custom fit.


Key to any successful outdoor adventure or essential daily chore or shopping extravaganza in sub-zero temps and biting wind chill is a warm and comfy base layer.

VentureHeat Heated Base Layer Bottoms and Top (MSRP USD$100 for Bottom Layer; MSRP USD$130 for Top Layer)

  • Synthetic poly-spandex material wicks moisture away from your body, and a fleece-lined interior keeps you comfy;
  • 3 button activated temperature settings and a built-in temperature controller;
  • “Xtreme Comfort Technology (XCT) heating system uses flexible hair-thin micro alloy fibers which are virtually undetectable until you turn on the heat” [Source: VentureHeat] in a tri-zone heating configuration;
  • Long lasting lithium ion battery offers up to 5 hours of heat on a single charge.


By proffering this Ororo Women’s solution for a comfy battery electric heated jacket, we cover both bases.

Most women would like a clean cut, battery electric heated jackets that look both cool and hot at the same time, pun intended.

If you are buying this for that special lady in your life, you most definitely will win her warm heart lottery the very first time she hits the heat switch on the fashionable warm wearables tech you so chivalrously provided at a moment’s notice.

  • ORORO Women’s Slim-Fit Wireless Heated Jacket Kit with Battery & Charger (MSRP USD$189.95)
  • Three (3) key heat zones (left chest, right chest, mid-back) provide a warmth operating time of 6 to 8 hours along with interior lining of comfy polar fleece insulation;
  • 4 heating levels via (pre-heat, low, medium, high) carbon fiber heating elements, activated by a touch sensor button on the front and back;
  • 4V, 4400mAh battery and charger integrated
  • Water proof, wind resistant, washer safe

Okay, since you’re breath is likely freezing in mid-air, if you really need a recommendation for a men’s battery electric heated accessory for your critical core, here’s a nifty jacket liner that’ll fit the bill.

  • Venture Heat Men’s 12V Heated Jacket Liner (MSRP USD$189.95)
  • 12 Volt heated jacket liner for motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, or scooter adventures
  • Half the weight of other heated jacket liners
  • Temperature controller and battery harness included


If you think you’re ears, nose, lips, and especially your cheeks are all man enough to brave this upcoming holiday season’s sub-zero and slightly above temps.

If you can withstand the brutal, unrelenting wind chill for hours on end outdoors without a balaclava face mask, please note that a wise Gandalf is keenly aware that a zero degree F temp outdoor adventure with even quite average 8 to 12 mile per hour winds feels like minus 14 degrees F to minus 17.5 F on your face, respectively.

So holla up some vital heated balaclava face protection.

Gerbing Battery Heated Balaclava Face Mask (MSRP USD150)

  • Battery powered heat lasts 4 hours on high, 10 hours on low;
  • Microwire Technology covers your critical ear extremities with comforting warmth;
  • Includes battery and charger (7v 2.2Ah Lithium Ion battery);
  • 95% Poly and 5% Spandex materials – stretchable, full-face concealment.


In sub-zero wind chill weather extremes, protecting your extremities is job one. So in case you’re motoring or skiing or throwing the occasional fast pitch snowball, mind your hands and fingers, peeps.

Whether you’re motoring on two wheels or you and your loved ones simply need heated digit attire, we have got you covered with the following suggestions for your holiday gift list.

Venture Heat 12V Heated Motorcycle Gloves (Black, Small) (MSRP USD$199.95)

  • Connect your 12 Volt heated motorcycle gloves to a motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, or scooter;
  • Integrated temperature controller on the gloves;
  • 12 watts of heat per glove.

Volt Rechargeable Heated (Snow/Ski) Gloves (MSRP USD$199.95)

  • 7V battery powered Zero Layer Heat System is integrated throughout the entire glove (heat elements on both sides of the hand, all the way to the tips of your fingers);
  • The waterproof zippered battery pocket location is easily accessed in the middle of the glove and offers a see-through display window enabling easy temperature adjustments to one of four different temperature settings;
  • Nylon outer shell and breathable waterproof membrane and soft tricot lining;
  • Batteries and wall charger included.


Whether you’re spinning a James Bond motorcycle pirouette on grip studded snow tires in Cortina d’Ampezzo in a redux of the filming of For Your Eyes Only or you’re just jamming down the slopes with your betty friend drafting your vortex.  You’re gonna need cyber visual gear to ensure your cold weather adventures and daily expeditions go off without a hitch.

In circa 2016/17 severely frigid winter weather, it’s a huge bonus to have cutting edge heads up displays, live metrics, GPS, and more cyber help without cold crackin’ five finger frozen fumblebum maneuvers on your smartphone.

Plus, dude, you just gotta double down and look cool in cool weather – it’s about the intrinsic symbolism. Here’s some cyber eyewear and cyber helmet action for you.

Oakley Airwave GPS Goggles 2014 (MSRP USD$550)

  • Built-In Heads-Up Display with integrated GPS, accelerometer, barometer and gyro sensors;
  • Track your skiing speed, jump analytics, verticals, buddy tracking (VERY important in severe cold weather), smartphone connectivity, and music access;
  • Dual Vented Lenses with F3 Anti-Fog Technology and Plutonite tech that filters out 100% of the UVA UVB, and UVC rays.

Recon Jet Smart Eyewear for Sports and Fitness, White (MSRP USD$499)

  • Dual core processor, Android OS powered augmented display projection right onto the right eye of your athletic eyewear for live metrics and GPS map data supporting your favorite winter sports and adventures;
  • Integrated point-of-view (POV) camera with 720p video resolution at the ready with just a double tap on the right side of the device;
  • Smartphone integration enables connectivity to your texts, social media alerts and notifications, and callerID;
  • Built-in sensor suite along with support for third-party ANT+ sensors enables tracking of your heart rate, speed, pace, distance, ascent, cadence, and power to support your choice of MapMyFitness, TrainingPeaks, and Strava.

IV2 Helmet + Bluetooth Combo, Model 953 Dual Visor, Modular, Flip-Up High Performance Motorcycle Helmet + SENA SMH5 Bluetooth Unit (MSRP USD$210)

  • Bluetooth 3.0 One-to-One Universal Intercom and music sharing up to 400 meters;
  • Voice prompts and glove-friendly, waterproof jog dial operation;
  • DoT certified, lightweight thermoplastic shell with 10 port advanced ventilation system;
  • One-button, one hand flip-up system enables easy switching from full-face to open-face mode.


No matter the brand of warm wearables tech clothing and accessories you sport during this frigid Arctic winter, it’s a wise idea to bring along at least one reserve battery pack for each person in your party who needs their electrically heated attire to help critically thermoregulate their body condition in sub-zero temps and wind chill.

Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. And in the extreme cold and wind chill conditions coming, serious consequences are at risk. Be wise, be loving and gracious, and be prepped.

Gerbing 7V Extended-Life Rechargeable Battery with Remote (MSRP USD$200)

  • Rechargeable 7 volt lithium battery pack with integrated microprocessor control;
  • Remote control allows you the freedom to stay warm almost anywhere;
  • Extends the powered heating life of the following Gerbing ‘Core Heat’ clothing products:
    • Gerbing Core Heat Vests;
    • Gerbing Core Heat Jackets;
    • Gerbing Core Heat Gloves;
    • Gerbing Core Heat Socks;
    • Gerbing Core Heat Cushions.


Are you a bleeding edge extreme winter weather adventurer or if you simply have a built-in Dad and Mom desire to ensure your family’s safety in any of the myriad upcoming record cold winter weather scenarios?

Then you need to accessorize your smartphone for times when there is no cell service and you desperately need to send and receive texts, messages, and updates.  These smart tech safety precautions can mean the difference between being literally chilled to the bone in hypothermia conditions or other extreme weather induced emergencies.

 BriarTek Cerberus Two-Way Satellite Messaging and GPS Tracking System (MSRP USD$499 or USD $799 depending on monitoring purchase plan)

  • For when your winter adventures take you off the beaten track or off-grid and you have no cell phone network coverage, the CerberLink connects to your iOS or Android device using iOS and Android compatibility, Bluetooth technology, and the Iridium satellite network to allow you to compose 160-character messages, receive 1600-character messages, receive weather uptdates and news reports, set tracking intervals ranging from 10 minutes to 24 hours, drop breadcrumbs and send public, group targeted (or Facebook or Twitter) messages anywhere in the world via satellite;
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C -4 F to +131 F;
  • Waterproof: down to 1 meter (IP67 compliant);
  • 2000mAh Lithium Polymer with a stand-by life of 60 days and “on & active” operating life of 5-21 days (device usage and satellite coverage impacts battery life).


As in all things body function wise, please ensure common sense in regards to managing hypothermia and hyperthermia conditions when wearing multiple types of battery heated wearables tech clothing and accessories.

By all means, drop us a thread at www.iwearthetech.com and let us know how your family and friends enjoyed the warm-hearted wearables tech gifts you so presciently and graciously bestowed upon them this record cold winter.

Timely, sage, and warm hearted gifts are always well appreciated when anyone is facing intrepid snow and ice and gritty wind chills to the bone.

Prep now, winter adventurers and chillseekers and warmest greetings for the Holiday Season.

Do you love Smart Tech?  Visit us for the latest news, reviews, and trends on Smart Tech Wearable Technology….I Wear the Tech—We Find Technology that Fits YOU!

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